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Buzz Valette
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Job Care to Ware manager
Cartoon debut "Mr. Alwaysright"
Voiced by Alain Goulem[1]

Buzz Valette is the owner and operator of the Care to Ware. He is a kind man who donates a lot to the soup kitchen, but he is not much of a businessman. He mistook a Loco Chanel handbag, worth $100, for a horse's feedbag. He also did not know the difference between net and gross until Muffy told him[2]. He usually wears vintage clothes.


  • His last name, Valette, could be a reference to then-Coordinating Producer for Season 5, Supervising Executive & Coordinating Producer for Season 6, Producer for Season 7, Senior Producer for Season 8, and Executive Producer for Seasons 9-13 of Arthur for WGBH, Pierre Valette.




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