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Camp Meadowcroak
Camp Meadowcroak Entrance
Location Around Elwood City
Type Camp
Staff Becky and the bus driver, at least
First appearance Arthur Goes to Camp

Camp Meadowcroak is a summer camp located somewhere around Elwood City. Its rival summer camp is Camp Horsewater, but unlike Meadowcroak, Horsewater has made only one appearance and hasn't been mentioned at all since "Arthur Goes to Camp." Arthur Goes to Camp was the debut of Camp Meadowcroak as well as Camp Horsewater. Arthur and his friends competed against the bigger and tougher kids of Camp Horsewater in a scavenger hunt and eventually won.


The camp offers transportation to its campers. It owns a yellow school bus that says "Camp Meadowcroak" on the top.



  • Unlike Camp Horsewater, Camp Meadowcroak has been mentioned or has been seen more throughout the series. The most recent episode so far is Home Sweet Home.
  • It remains unknown if Becky is still the camp counselor at Meadowcroak since she wasn't seen or mentioned in the episode Home Sweet Home.
  • In some episodes some of the kids including Arthur himself are seen at an unknown lake. It is unknown if this is a separate lake at Camp Meadowcroak or Bear Lake.
  • A hurricane hit Camp Meadowcroak in Arthur's Family Vacation.
  • Its mess hall was demolished by lightning.