Capri di Vapida
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Blonde
Favorite color Yellow (as a "flavor")
Job Celebrity, fashion designer
Cartoon debut "D.W. Unties the Knot"
Voiced by Bryn McAuley[1]

Capri di Vapida[2] (also spelled DiVapida,[1] DeVapida,[3] de Vapida,[4] or Divapida,[5] or DeBaffita[6]) is a trendsetting celebrity and fashion icon.

Muffy follows Capri's fashion advice until it becomes too extreme. Capri takes much inspiration from her dog, Pixel, but doesn't understand when not to (such as eating dog biscuits).

Her first appearance is a brief TV cameo in "D.W. Unties the Knot." Capri first significantly appears in "Pet Projects," where she hosts the movie-making contest. She later forgets there even was a contest and has to be reminded. "All the Rage" gives the most insight about her, explaining the many trends she has started.

In Wish You Were Here, she has a fashion show coming up as mentioned by Muffy, only for it to be cancelled later on.

Trends started

  • Big sunglasses
  • Cone noses
  • Eating dog biscuits (her favorites are "yellow" flavored)
  • The slang word "cool" being replaced with "warm"


Capri is a stereotypical blond ditz who tries to appear worldly and sophisticated. She thinks "affectionate" is an Italian word and "yellow" is a flavor instead of a color. Capri's assistant often has to help her with difficult words. Capri also does not care about other people's feelings when it comes to fashion, such as in All the Rage.

Physical appearance

Capri di Vapida is a rabbit with an orange-tan complexion and long, blonde hair. She wears lipstick and other kinds of makeup. She usually wears a pink polka-dotted dress with big sunglasses and a huge sunhat, but will wear whatever is fashionable at the moment.



Behind the scenes

  • Capri is a combined parody of Paris Hilton and Marilyn Monroe.


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