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Carl Gould
When Carl Met George 75
Age 8[1]
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Brownish-orange
Favorite color Blue
Residence Elwood City
Cartoon debut "When Carl Met George"
Voiced by Dwayne Hill [citation needed] (s13)
Dylan Hoerner (s14 - s20)
Victor Gilbert (s24 - present)

Carl Gould[2] is a rabbit boy with autism (Asperger syndrome). He is a friend of George.

Physical appearance

Carl is a rabbit. He has short, swervy orange hair and wears a light blue T-shirt, gray jeans, dark blue and white sneakers and glasses.

Personality and skills

Carl has a form of autism once known as Asperger syndrome, which makes him have problems with social interaction when being around people, as well as an aversion to loud noises. He loves trains and can point out every detail of them with incredible accuracy and attention to detail, but he can have trouble changing the subject. As well as trains, he likes to assemble jigsaws and can draw rather good lions all by hand. He can get somewhat anxious around situations that are unfamiliar to him, but can often find a rational solution to a problem whenever it presents itself. He likes apple juice in a box rather than a bottle. His favorite color is blue, but he hates the color brown. Carl used to be afraid of Wally, George's ventriloquist dummy, but has since gotten over his fear.


  • Carl's condition was known as Asperger syndrome when this episode was produced (and he is said to have it in the episode), but since 2013, Asperger Syndrome is no longer a diagnosis of its own, having been merged along with other disorders into "autism spectrum disorder" (ASD).
  • In "Carl's Concerto", which aired in 2016 (2015 in non-US markets), George tells the audience that Carl has autism, rather than Asperger's syndrome.
  • He likes trains. He has a book filled with detailed drawings he drew himself.
    • By the time of "Buster Spaces Out", he has also become interested in rockets and spaceships as the interests of people with Asperger's (or at least what they focus on more intently than anything else) can change, though some interests are also lifelong, as in "George Scraps His Sculpture", his interest of trains is still shown,
  • Carl also plays baseball with the Grebelings, as evidenced by "Baseball Blues".
  • Based on the fact that his mother is an aardvark, Carl's father could be a rabbit, however since Carl's father has made no appearances in the show, Carl could be adopted.
  • In "Carl's Concerto" Carl knows how to play the accordion and he knows 18 songs.
  • BIY Carl
    Carl never appears in the Arthur Adventure books, but he was illustrated by Marc Brown for the book "Believe in Yourself: What We Learned from Arthur."





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  1. Carl states that his sixth birthday was two years ago in "Carl's Concerto."
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