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Carl Manino
Carl Manino
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Dark brown (youth)
Gray (old age)
Residence Elwood City
Family Unnamed Daughter
Job Owner of the Sugar Bowl
Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"
Voiced by Terrence Scammell

Carl Manino (known as Mr. Gumdrop in Arthur's 1st Grade) is the owner of the Sugar Bowl. He first appears in "Sue Ellen Chickens Out" when Chickin Lickin' attempts to purchase the property, until Sue Ellen creates a protest march to prevent the Sugar Bowl from being purchased out. Before being the establishment's owner, he worked as a busboy, cleaning up the restaurant. He often encountered Thora Read, whom he was initially shy towards. But over the years, he have become very close to her. He hoped that his daughter would run the Sugar Bowl someday, but instead she wanted to be a marine botanist.

Twenty years in the future, the Sugar Bowl is owned by George Lundgren[1], but the specifics of how George came into ownership of the cafe from Mr. Manino are unknown.