Arthur: OK, this is for the title.  Whoever wins this race shall hereby be known as the Sled Master!

Buster: Don't forget the sundae.  The winner gets a Big Pig at the Sugar Bowl with extra everything.

Arthur: You're on!  On your mark, get set...

Buster: Go!  Whoo-hoo!  Tree house, here I come!

Arthur: Agh!  Did I do it?  Who won?

Buster: Who cares?  Look!

Arthur: Oh!  Our tree house!

Arthur: It was completely destroyed.  Now it's just a big pile of wood.

Francine: But that's impossible. That treehouse has been around for years!

Buster: It's because we've angered them.  We're sorry, aliens. Here, take Arthur's pie as a peace offering.

Arthur: Aliens had nothing to do with it, Buster. It fell because of the snow.

Francine: Where are we supposed to hang out now?

Muffy: My place!  It's very conveniently located.

Francine: Yeah, for you.

Binky: We can't go to someone's house!  The cool thing about the tree house was no-one owned it.

Muffy: I have a 60-inch flatscreen TV with 300 channels.

Binky: I'm there.

Arthur: Remember our first day in the tree house?

Arthur: Sorry, Dora Winifred, this place is only for big kids.

Arthur: Ah!  That was a good day.

Francine: Yeah, I'm sure going to miss that place.

Frank Gehry: So when are you going to build a new one?

Arthur: New one?

Frank Gehry: I couldn't help overhearing your conversation.  It seems like you kids need another tree house.

Francine: You don't understand, Mr...

Frank Gehry: You can call me Frank. I'm an architect.  I've been hired to design the new art gallery in Elwood City, see?

Binky: That's going to be a building?!

Frank Gehry: Well, it's just a preliminary sketch, but, sure, why not?  Who says a building has to look like a box?

Arthur: Our tree house was kind of boxy, but it was the best place to hang out in the world.

Frank Gehry: Who knows? If you put your heads together, you might be able to dream up something even better.  Ask your parents to give me a call if you get any ideas. I could help you design it.

Arthur: OK, how about this? A castle tree house.

Buster: Nah, castles have been done before.

Arthur: All right, how about a spaceship tree house?

Buster: They've got something like that at the Chicken Lickin'.

Arthur: Fine, let's hear some of YOUR ideas.

Buster: I don't have any yet.  I just think it should be something different, something new, this!

Arthur: A mouldy crust of bread?!

Buster: No, Arthur, a mouldy pizza crust.  It's from the very first pizza my mom and I shared with Harry.

Arthur: So?

Buster: Don't you see? We could have a pizza tree house.  It could be shaped like a pie, the windows could look like pepperonis and...Wait, the windows could actually be pepperonis!  If it's not raining, you could tear the windows off and eat them.  And there'd be hot and cold running tomato sauce.  And big comfy mozzarella chairs!  Ah!

Arthur: (laughs) That's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard!

Buster: OK, maybe it can't actually be made of pizza, but it could be shaped like a pie.

Arthur: No way! It'll look really weird.

Buster: I don't think so.

Arthur: I'm not taking a pizza tree house design to Frank.

Buster: Then maybe we should work on this alone.

Arthur: It just doesn't make any sense. Who ever heard of a pie-shaped house?

Francine: Hmm! Pie-shaped.

Arthur: What are you writing?

Francine: I'm collecting ideas that'll satisfy everyone.  So far, it's got to have an art gallery, an underground passage to the library, and a wrestling arena.

Arthur: How are you going to fit a wrestling arena on top of a tree?

Francine: Details, details!  Hey, Brain, what's sort of features would you like in the new tree house?

Brain: Oh, you don't have to bother designing anything, Francine - I've done it.

Francine: What?

Brain: Yes.  I ran into that architect and I've come up with a plan that will benefit the entire Elwood City community.

Arthur: What is it?

Brain: Sorry, Arthur, I'm not at liberty to discuss the project.  Come to the unveiling on Saturday at the Sugar Bowl.  May I have some toothpicks, Mrs MacGrady?  Thank you.

Mrs. MacGrady: Huh?

Francine: That know-it-all! We'll see who has the best design.

Brain: I need the glue to dry faster!  Atchoo!  Agh-hhh!

Francine: OK, we'll put Binky's wrestling arena here and Sue Ellen's pagoda there, and George's woodworking shop over to the left next to the sauna.  Oh, yeah, and it all has to be pie-shaped.  Oh! I can't even see the tree any more.  Oh! This is pointless! There are just too many things to include.  Oof!  Huh?  That just might work.

Bitzi: Can we eat yet?

Buster: Just a minute, I want this drawing to really capture pizza.  There!  What do you think?

Bitzi: It's

Buster: Oh, it's too simple.  We should've ordered more toppings.  Arthur was right - a pizza tree house is a dumb idea.  Maybe I should work with calzones.

Bitzi: Well, whatever you do, it'll have to wait till after dinner. I'm starving.

Buster: Wait! Stop!  That's it! That's it! Don't move, mom!

Arthur: I couldn't decide whether to do a spaceship or a castle, so I combined the two. It's a space-castle tree house.  I bet that hasn't been done before.

Frank Gehry: Actually, it reminds me of the work of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.

Arthur: It does?

Frank Gehry: It's a compliment, Arthur.  Gaudi created some of the most amazing buildings of his generation.  Look at his church of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Buster: Awesome!

Arthur: That's amazing.

Frank Gehry: What did you come up with, Buster?

Buster: I know it sounds kind of silly, but, well, it's a pizza tree house.  At first, I imagined it as pie-shaped, but then I thought, "Why not separate the slices, and you could climb from slice to slice on ladders made of cheese?"  [BURP!]

Frank Gehry: Cheese is not the best building material, Buster.

Buster: Oh! I guess the whole idea is pretty ridiculous.

Frank Gehry: No, it isn't.  I made a building once that looked like a pair of binoculars. See?  A great building can be inspired by anything.  The question is, can it be built?  I don't think one tree could support all that.

Francine: That's why I decided to use 10 trees.  I couldn't fit everyone's wishes into one design, so I spread it out.  That way, Binky can have his wrestling arena...Sue Ellen can have her art studio, and so on and so on, and they'd be linked by bridges, so we could visit each other.  Hee-hee-hee!

Frank Gehry: I like how you used the surrounding space, but there's no place for you all to hang out together.  Isn't that the main purpose of your tree house?

Brain: There's room for the whole school in my design. [COUGHS] Presenting...the world's tallest tree house.

All: WHOA!

Buster: Hey, wait! That's not a tree house - it's built on the ground.

Brain: True, but it'll bring millions of tourists to Elwood City and revitalise our sluggish economy.

Frank Gehry: It's a bold vision, Brain, but that would cost a fortune to build.

Brain: I know. I spent three months of allowance on the toothpicks alone.  Atchoo!  And I got a cold waiting for the glue to dry.

Frank Gehry: Your ideas are great, but I don't think you have your tree house yet.

Francine: That only leaves one option. We hang out at Muffy's.

Frank Gehry: Or you could go back to the drawing board and try working together.

Frank Gehry: Strong lines, a harmonious composition - I love it.  I knew you could come up with something new that you'd all like.

Francine: Actually, it's pretty much what we had before.

Brain: We just couldn't improve on the original design.

Frank Gehry: Find a design that reflects your vision - that's what you did.

Arthur: And we built it ourselves.

Frank Gehry: How can you beat that? Here, it's a poster of something I designed.  If you're ever in Spain, you should check it out.

Arthur: "To my friends in Elwood City, Frank Gehry."

Brain: That was Frank Gehry? I don't believe it!  He's one of the greatest architects of our time.  This is the museum he designed in Bilbao, Spain, which people from all over the world travel to see.

Buster: Whoa! And you thought my pizza house was far out!

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