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Catherine Frensky
126a Catherine
Age 15-16[1]
Grade 10th[2] or 11th[3]
Gender Female
Animal Monkey
Hair color Auburn
Complexion Brown
Favorite color Mauve[4]
Residence Westboro Apartments, Elwood City
Family * Laverne (mother)
Cartoon debut "Francine Frensky, Superstar"
Voiced by Patricia Rodriguez (s1 - s7)
Alexina Cowan (s8 - s15)
Robyn Thaler Hickey (s16 - s25)

Catherine Frensky is the older sister of Francine.

Physical appearance[]

Catherine is a monkey with a brown complexion. She has long dark auburn hair and bangs, with her long hair tied into a ponytail with a red hair tie. In "The Blizzard", her hair was brown, and her hair tie was purple.

She usually wears a blue denim vest, a cream-colored (originally white) turtleneck, and blue pants, usually with red leg warmers.

In "Muffy Gets Mature", Catherine's outfit is much different. She wore an aqua green vest, a yellow T-shirt and a green skirt with red and white lines.

In "Is That Kosher?", her sleepwear is a blue nightgown.


Catherine is almost the exact opposite of Francine: she likes wearing dresses, is a very responsible person, and she really loves to shop. She is a high school student who enjoys reading teen magazines and frequently uses the telephone and her cellphone. Like most sisters, Francine and Catherine go through various fights, like how to decorate their room in the episode "Francine Redecorates" and who gets the last soda; however, despite their arguments, they genuinely love each other. She briefly wore lipstick in one scene of "My Dad, the Garbage Man," nail polish in one scene of "Stolen Bike," and got a pedicure in "Muffy Gets Mature," but she usually prefers to keep her appearance natural. Catherine is shown to have a very selfish side such as desiring to spend time with her friends and not her family as mentioned in the episode 1001 Dads and shown in the episode The Frensky Family Fiasco. She also selfishly refused to take Francine to her riding lessons in Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider and was forced to her by her parents and on the way making a selfish comment how her parents never asked her her opinion on things.



In "Muffy Gets Mature," some of her friends from high school are revealed, including Angi, Debi, and Tami. Her friends have appeared occasionally since then, including at her bowling party in "Surprise!"



Catherine's name spelled with a "K"

  • According to "Vomitrocious," it is implied that Catherine is a 10th grader, as she mentions a classmate named Lucas Hanson who vomited during a math class in 5th grade, which she states occurred five years in the past.[2] We can assume she has moved onto 11th grade by the episode, "Surprise!" when she celebrates her 16th birthday. Also, in this episode, her dad (Oliver) states that she is "a junior in high school"[3].
  • Her original voice actress, Patricia Rodriguez, was also the original voice of Sue Ellen
  • In "Citizen Frensky," her name is spelled with a "K." It is suggested that this is the incorrect spelling of her name, because it has been spelled with a "C" in other episodes.
  • Like the rest of her family, Catherine is Jewish.
  • In "Play it Again, D.W." and "D.W.'s Name Game," she babysits at the Read house.
  • "The Master Builders" reveals that she goes to a CTE (Career and Technical Education) school, and she wants to be a designer. Her school has a 3D printer.


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