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Ms. Tingley
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Bluish-gray
Complexion White
Job Acting Principal of Lakewood Elementary School (s20-s25)
Lakewood Elementary School assistant principal (s1-s20)
Book debut Arthur Meets the President
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Rikee Madoff

Cecilia Tingley[1][2] is the secretary of Mr. Haney at Lakewood Elementary School. She becomes the temporary principal when Mr. Haney leaves to build a school in Tanzania.[3]

Physical appearance[]

Ms. Tingley is a white rabbit with bluish-gray curly hair. She has long eyelashes and wears red lipstick and polished fingernails. She wears a light purple long-sleeve top with a pink collar and pink cuffs, with a dark blue skirt and teal high-heels.


She is very strict when enforcing school rules, and she has written a "Complete Student Rule Book."[3] She threatens a full week of detention when Arthur is accused of stealing from the school fundraiser, while Mr. Haney was only suggesting one day of detention.[4] She does not like when students are in the halls.[3][5] She seems to not enjoy fun and games, like Mr. Haney's magic tricks and Miss Sweetwater's sing-along.[6] She also tends to ignore the needs of others as is the case when she initially denies Mrs. MacGrady's request for an assistant in "Arthur Takes a Stand."