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Charlotte Bickles
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Moderate orange
Complexion Moderate amber
Residence Elwood City
Family Mr. Bickles (father)
Mrs. Bickles (mother)
Cartoon debut "Arthur and the Big Riddle"
Voiced by Gabrielle Lazarovitz

Charlotte Bickles is the long-running champion of the game show Riddle Quest.


Charlotte's reign was spared because Arthur did not want to endlessly play the game, like she does. Charlotte is actually bored of how easily she keeps winning. Charlotte also appeared in a spoof on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, being portrayed as the Queen of Hearts as she worried Arthur. Charlotte has only appeared as her character in "Arthur and the Big Riddle."

Physical appearance[]

Charlotte Bickles is a cat with a light-colored complexion and curly, light-brown caramel hair with a hint of orange, which is always put into a bun. She wears a green, long-sleeve turtleneck, crème-white pantyhose, black shoes, and round circular glasses without a frame. Charlotte has curly, dark orange hair which is always put into a bun.


Charlotte seems to be very competitive and arrogant. She also may come on as unfriendly and unwelcoming to new competitors on the show. Charlotte is clever with riddles and can answer them quicker than most of her competitors. Although she looks very giddy when she wins, Charlotte does seem to get tired of going through the same routine on the game show each week.