Age 4[1]
Grade Preschool
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Dark brown
Complexion Brown
Residence Dakar, Senegal (formerly)
Elwood City
Family Cheikh's father
Cheikh's mother
Brain (cousin)
Mrs. Powers (aunt)
Mr. Powers (uncle)
Cartoon debut "In My Africa"
Voiced by Thamela Mpumlwana (season 14)
Yathareth Bhatt (season 18, uncredited)

Cheikh is Brain's cousin from Senegal, Africa. He is friends with D.W. He first appeared in "In My Africa", where he moves from Senegal to Elwood City. He reappeared in the episode "All About D.W." as a cameo character along with his mother, but never spoke. He also participated in the play with the other kids. He also is shown at the opening and the end of the episode "Night of the Tibble," where he is playing in the sandbox with his truck. Besides that, he was in the jury during the episode "Read and Flumberghast." Cheikh had another speaking role since "In My Africa" in "The Pageant Pickle."




  1. He is in D.W.'s class at the preschool. "Blockheads" establishes that there is more than one class at the preschool and kids are divided by age.

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