Age 4[1]
Grade Preschool
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Very dark scarlet (s14-s16)
Brown (s16-present)
Complexion Moderate vermilion (s14-s16)
Moderate orange (s16-present)
Residence Dakar, Senegal (formerly)
Elwood City
Family Father
Brain (cousin)
Mrs. Powers (aunt)
Mr. Powers (uncle)
Cartoon debut "In My Africa"
Voiced by Thamela Mpumlwana (s14)
Yathareth Bhatt (season 18; uncredited)
Lucinda Davis (season 23)

Cheikh is Brain's cousin from Senegal, Africa. He is friends with D.W. He first appears in "In My Africa," when he moves from Senegal to Elwood City. He participates in activities with the other preschoolers, such as acting in the play "All About D.W.", and playing in the sandbox with his truck. Besides that, he is in the jury during the episode "Read and Flumberghast." Cheikh has other speaking roles since "In My Africa" in "The Pageant Pickle" and "Citizen Cheikh."

Physical appearance

Cheikh is a bear with a brown complexion and dark brown hair. Before Season 16, he usually wears a light green short-sleeve shirt, blue shorts with pockets, and brown sandals. Starting from Season 16, he wears a pale yellow shirt instead of a light green one.

Sometimes, Cheikh is seen wearing a purple-and-red shirt with a yellow collar and violet pants that have green lines with purple designs on them.




  1. He is in D.W.'s class at the preschool. "Blockheads" establishes that there is more than one class at the preschool and kids are divided by age.

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