"Cheikh's father" is not an official name.
Cheikh's Father
Cheikh's Father
Cheikh's father in "All About D.W."
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Dark Brown
Complexion Brown
Residence Dakar, Senegal (formerly),
Elwood City
Family Cheikh (son)
Cheikh's Mother (wife)
Alan Powers (nephew)
Mr. Powers (brother or brother-in-law)
Mrs. Powers (sister or sister-in-law)
Unnamed mother or mother-in-law
Cartoon debut "In My Africa"
Voiced by Kwasi Songui

Cheikh's father is the uncle of Alan Powers.


Along with other parents, he watched a school play. "All About D.W."

Physical appearance

Cheikh's father is a bear with a brown complexion. He wears a gray suit with a light gray tie and black dress shoes. He wears white, rectangular glasses and has black hair.


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