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Through the looking glasses 63

Brain and Anton play chess. "Through the Looking Glasses"

Chess is a board game that some of the kids in Elwood City play.

Season 11[]

Brain's Shocking Secret[]

Binky is seen making up the "Leaping-Ninja-Pawn Head Chop" move when he plays against Brain.

Season 13[]

Brain Gets Hooked[]

Brain participated in a chess tournament.

Season 14[]

The Wheel Deal[]

It is revealed that Lydia Fox likes chess and was ranked as one of the top players in the country.

Season 15[]

Best Enemies[]

David Read and Herman Merkles are shown playing chess at the Merkleses' House.

Through the Looking Glasses[]

Brain is shown playing chess with Anton at the Ice Cream Shop.

Season 16[]

Brain's Chess Mess[]

Brain starts a chess club after he loses against Los Dedos in the junior chess championship. Rattles is revealed to be a skilled chess player who teaches Brain and the other club members how to play properly. Rattles' teachings eventually allow Brain to finally beat Los Dedos.