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Chester glenbrook.jpg
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Book debut King Arthur
Cartoon debut "The Return of the King"

Chester[1] is a student of Glenbrook Academy in Mr. Pryce-Jones' 3rd grade class. Arthur went against him in Merlin's Maze race, mistaking him for his shadow once along the way. According to Francine, Chester beat Arthur to the center and won.

Physical appearance

Chester is an aardvark similar in head shape to Arthur, but with a darker complexion. He also has some hair while Arthur doesn't.

He wears the Glenbrook uniform with a white collared shirt, a dark blue tie, light blue V-neck shirt, and a medium blue jacket bearing the Glenbrook insignia. His glasses are similar to Arthur's but are flat along the top.






  1. "Remember, Chester, navigate by the sun and the tops of the trees."Mr. Pryce-Jones, "The Return of the King"

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