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Chip Crosswire
Chip Crosswire main image
Grade College freshman
Gender Male
Animal Monkey
Residence Muffy's House, Elwood City (formerly)
Tallahassee Tech
Family *Ed Crosswire (father)
Book debut Arthur Goes to Camp
Cartoon debut "Matchmaker, Match Breaker"
Voiced by Cory Doran (s12 - present)

Chip Crosswire is Muffy's older brother who is a student at Tallahassee Tech.

He is first pictured in the book Arthur Goes to Camp, but he is not acknowledged in the TV series until "Arthur's Perfect Christmas." A Christmas stocking with his name is hanging on the Crosswires' fireplace mantle.[1] He is first mentioned by name in "Phony Fern," when Muffy says that her brother is coming home to visit for the weekend.

He makes his first major appearance in "Matchmaker, Match Breaker," when he comes home to Elwood City to spend time with his family and the Frenskys. His only other role occurs in "Molina's Mulligan," when he practices his golf swing and competes in a golf tournament.

He is referenced in a number of other episodes, and he appears as a background character from time to time.

Physical appearance[]

Chip is a monkey depicted with a pale complexion and short orange hair with bangs and wears a blue sweater over a white shirt, gray khakis, and green shoes with gray accents.

His original design was seen in a Crosswire family portrait inside of a tent at camp on a page in Arthur Goes to Camp, first published in 1982. His original design was clumps of hair, brown monkey fur, glasses, and a suit and tie. After 27 years of absence, he was brought back, and was completely redesigned and no longer wears glasses, but still wears a suit and tie as alternate clothing.


Chip has many friends from college, but they have never been seen in the series. It is unknown to where he went to and graduated from high school, and who his friends from high school were, but he was never seen until "Matchmaker, Match Breaker."

  • Catherine Frensky - When Chip comes home from Tallahassee Tech, he and Catherine both meet after he learns that Muffy and Francine are best friends together. Muffy and Francine plan to set up him and Catherine together as a date. He and Catherine spend time together while he is in town. However, the two make it very clear that they are "just friends" and are "not even dating."[2]
  • Lexi - In "Phony Fern," Muffy tells Fern that Chip broke up with someone named Lexi, and Lexi is now dating someone named Biff.


  • According to "The Great MacGrady," Chip gave his father his signature pink necktie.
  • He expresses interest in joining a fraternity in "Matchmaker, Match Breaker."
  • It makes sense that he does not appear much throughout the series, since he out-of-state for college. However, this does not necessarily explain why it took until Season 11 to even make an explicit reference to the fact that Muffy has an older brother.







  1. His relationship as Muffy’s brother is implied in the same episode, during Muffy’s song she mentions “…by the time I have grand-nieces”.
  2. "Matchmaker, Match Breaker"