A bust of Chopin in Mrs. Cardigan's house

Chopin was a musician and composer. He published a rondo in 'C' minor when he was only 15 years old.


Binky Barnes is an appreciator of Chopin's works and life. In "D.W.'s Library Card," he was to happy to share a Chopin biography with D.W. Read. When, however, Arthur Read approached the two, he covered the book with one depicting a man doing a karate kick and claimed that he was reading to D.W. about "Choppin'," the great karate master. Arthur led D.W. away, over her protests, and he went back to reading the Chopin biography.

Mrs. Cardigan, Arthur's former piano teacher, has a bust of Chopin in her home, as seen in "Arthur Plays the Blues".

In a fantasy sequence of Buster's in "Buster's Sweet Success," a band played Chopin's famous "Funeral March." (Piano Sonata No. 2 - Movement 3 Marche funèbre: Lento)



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