Arthur Wiki
Chris the Aardvark
Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brownish-orange
Complexion Tan
Book debut "Arthur's Teacher Trouble"

Chris is a fourth grader who appeared only in the book Arthur's Teacher Trouble as well as its Living Books computer game version. He is an aardvark like Arthur, but has orange hair at the top of his head, with his bangs covering his eyes. He was formerly one of Mr. Ratburn's third grade students, and stated to Arthur a myth about Mr. Ratburn being a vampire with magical powers, plus it was his only line ever said. He was shown twice: he was first shown in the hallway where Arthur and his friends were leaving on the first day of school; and was later shown in the September spellathon like he was dismissed for misspelling a word, but didn't have lines in that scene. He has never appeared again in the later books and hasn't appeared in the television series yet.