Cisely Compson
MessyDressMess Cisely
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Family *Rufus Compson (husband)
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"
Voiced by Julie Lemieux
Cisely Compson[1][2] is the wife of Rufus and mother of Gussie, Madison, Ladonna and Bud Compson.


Early life

According to Ladonna, Mrs. Compson played in a band until she was 25, but got so broke she had to sell her trumpet, but then a soldier (who would one day be her husband) bought it back for her.

Elwood City

She made Ladonna wear the snow hat her Aunt Bo gave her, in "Based on a True Story."

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  1. "Hi, Cisley, I'm glad you called. I want to speak to you about Bud."Jane Read on the phone with Cisely Compson, "The Tattletale Frog"
  2. Closed captions of "Ladonna Compson: Party Animal" and "Shelter from the Storm" confirm the spelling of the name is Cisely.

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