Francine: Can I sit here?

Brain+Muffy+Arthur: No comment.

Francine: Oh, this is ridiculous. How long am I gonna get the silent treatment?

Brain+Muffy+Arthur: No comment.

Francine: But it isn’t fair. I didn’t make up those stories. I just reported them. What do you guys want me to do?

Brain: You could print an article saying that you took all those photos out of context.

Francine: I don’t think so. That’s not a very good story.

Muffy: Ha! I can’t eat here with the tabloids hounding me like this. Arthur? Brain? Care to join me?  They leave.


Someone has distributed papers with an embarrassing photo of Francine.

Muffy: (giggles) We didn’t do anything, Francine. Honest.

Binky: Yeah. But we wish we did.

Arthur and Buster join them. Buster is carrying a stack of papers.

Francine: A-ha! I knew it was you all along, Buster. You were jealous of the praise I got for helping your mom. And look, you’re even passing them out!

Buster: These? I just picked them up off the floor. Ever since my day with your dad I see garbage everywhere.


Francine: Looks like the ace reporter is a laughing stock. 

Catherine: I think I call this story: "Pesky sister gets just desserts".

Francine: You?? You’re the “Enquirer”??

Catherine: What? You think you’re the only one with a camera?

Francine: But why? Everyone’s laughing at me.

Catherine: So you would know what it feels like. Besides, I didn’t want you to lose all your friends.

Francine: I think I did that anyway.

Catherine: Don’t worry. Tomorrow it’ll all be yesterday’s news.

Francine: How do you know?

Catherine: Because that’s what happened whenI was an annoying third-grader who took photographs of all her friends.         She puts her hand on Francine’s shoulder.

Mr. Frensky: Wow! My two daughters not fighting for a whole minute? Now this is a story!

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Binky Barnes: Citizen Frensky

Catherine: The News Room, What on earth have you done to my room?

Catherine: Have you completely lost your mind,  I want this junk out of here now!

Catherine: Your only job is to keep your grubby hands away from my stuff, you pesky little...

Catherine: Give me that camera!

Arthur: Katherine Cracks! She looks like a werewolf!

I like the next one. No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'BUTS'!

Aw, there's a cute little rabbit!

Two hours of my life wasted!

All right, you two! Arthur, next time YOU pick the movie AND you'll get an extra-large popcorn.

Ta-da! What do you think I need pearls. Oh! What was that

Arthur: The truth behind Arthur's love for Mary Moo Cow! D.W. tricked me into seeing that movie

Muffy: I would never wear polka dots and stripes TOGETHER. We were just kidding around!

Binky: Yeah, I thought I was petting a rat.

Catherine: Hands off the can, Squirt!

Catherine: Mine! I tell ya! Mine!

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