Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Moderate gamboge
Complexion Light orange
Residence Verseburg
Family Dr. Rhymenstein (father)
Cartoon debut "Rhyme for Your Life"
Voiced by Oliver Grainger
Clementine is the daughter of Dr. Rhymenstein in the dream of Binky Barnes in "Rhyme for Your Life."


Clementine is an aardvark in a similar way to the Read family and her hair and voice are similar to those of D.W. Read. However, unlike D.W., she always speaks in rhyme, like other citizens of Verseburg. She wears a straw bonnet and a pink Victorian-era dress with a white apron.


  • She is shown to dislike fruit as when she is kidnapped by the Purple Orange, she says, "Put me down, you purple brute! I don't even like normal fruit!".
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