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Coach Raggett
Coach Raggett
Gender Male
Animal Bulldog
Hair color Blond ("Arthur Goes to Camp")

Brown ("The "A" Team")

Complexion Brown ("Arthur Goes to Camp")

Cream ("The "A" Team")

Job Coach
Cartoon debut "Arthur Goes to Camp"
Voiced by Doug Price

Coach Raggett is a character who first appeared in "Arthur Goes to Camp". He's a tough, muscular looking coach and not much was known about him in that episode since he never spoke throughout the entire episode.

He is the counselor to the kids at Camp Horsewater, which competed against their rival Camp Meadowcroak in the same episode, and subsequently lost the scavenger hunt to Meadowcroak.

After "Arthur Goes to Camp", this character along with Camp Horsewater have never been seen since, though the kids that did go to Camp Horsewater are still seen in the episodes. Coach Raggett eventually reappeared as the coach of the Elwood City All-Stars team in the episode "The "A" Team" where his name was also revealed.

Despite his tough looking appearance he states there is nothing wrong about kids quitting the team to do other commitments.

Even after Brain and Francine quit the team he admits to them that he usually loses three kids on average a season. He appeared for the third time in "The Wheel Deal" where he's helping kids with injuries.

Physical description[]

Coach Raggett originally is a dog with a brown complexion. He wore the Camp Horsewater shirt, which is black with a red "H" in the middle of the shirt, long gray sweatpants, and black and white sneakers. He also has short blonde hair.

He also has a silver whistle. In his reappearance he has changed. He now has a cream complexion. He wears most likely the same Camp Horsewater shirt, but this time it's a white shirt with a golden "H" in the middle of the shirt, long red sweatpants, and blue and white sneakers. He has short brown hair and wears a silver whistle.


  • Even though he didn't speak in his first appearance, in his later appearances he did have speaking roles.



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