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Game type Comic making
Main character(s) Various
Platform Online
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Comic Creator was a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.

It was removed a few years after its original release, likely due to the fact that users on third-party sites could pass them off as "fan art", despite that the stickers and backgrounds were copyrighted and only the property of Marc Brown and the artists working for him and WGBH. Another likely reason for its deletion was that some people used the comic creator to create parody or meme comics about the Arthur characters involved in situations that often were not kid-friendly, which may have made WGBH worried that these would get confused for official comics. Surprisingly, the game has not been completely wiped off the servers of the PBS Kids Go website, as using r53-vip-soup, a mirror of PBS Kids used to test webpages, it is still possible to play the game.


Users could make their own comic by dragging objects, scenes, speech bubbles, and characters from the toolbar onto the three-panel comic. Objects and characters can be enlarged, shrunken, rotated, and flipped horizontally. Speech bubbles could be rotated, enlarged, shrunken, and have text typed in them. When one's comic was finished, it could be printed out.


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