(L-R): Ladonna, Rufus, Cisely, Bud, Gussie, Madison.

Compson is the surname of a family originating from Louisiana.

Ladonna, Bud, and their immediate family lived in a house in Elwood City from the episode "Based on a True Story", until the episode "When Duty Calls".

Family members

Person Notes
Lena Ladonna's great-grandmother. Lived to age 108.[1]
Bo Ladonna's aunt. A blue-haired harp player who is starting to go bald.[2]
Mable Ladonna's aunt. The second best bingo player in Orleans parish. Mysteriously creates knitted ponchos without knowing how to knit.[3]
Silas Ladonna's uncle. Works as a clown and has a pet parrot.[3]
Whitney Ladonna's uncle. Built a jet pack from a can of soda pop.[2]
Doc Ladonna's cousin. A nutritionist who lives in Miami.[4]
Cisely Compson Ladonna's mother. A trumpeter who played in a band until age 25. Met her husband after he bought back the trumpet she was forced to sell when she was broke.[2]
Rufus Tucker Compson Ladonna's father. A soldier holding the rank of Captain and a member of the Army Corps of Engineers.[5]
Gussie Compson Ladonna's older brother. Chipped a tooth on the plastic baby from a king cake. Worked for one summer at an alligator sanctuary.[2]
Madison Compson Ladonna's older sister.
Ladonna Compson An 8-year-old who was formerly in Mr. Ratburn's class.
Bud Tucker Compson Ladonna's younger brother. A preschooler with an imaginary friend named Rapty.[6]



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