This article is about the house in Elwood City. You may be looking for the house in Louisiana.
Compsons' house
MessyDressMess Compson house
Location Elwood City
Type House
Administrator Compson family (formerly)
Number of rooms 3 (known)
Residents Rufus Compson (formerly),
Cisely Compson (formerly),
Gussie Compson (formerly),
Madison Compson (formerly),
Ladonna Compson (formerly),
Bud Compson (formerly),
General Higgins (pet) (formerly)
First appearance "Based on a True Story"

The Compsons' former house in Elwood City is heavily featured in "Based on a True Story", with multiple rooms being shown. In "Read and Flumberghast", the exterior of their house is not seen. As of "When Duty Calls", the family no longer lives here.



  • The doormat for the Elwood City house says bienvenue, which is French for 'welcome'.
Compson new house

Exterior of house with snow

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