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Confuse the Goose
Just Desserts 182
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Board game


D.W. Read
Muffy Crosswire

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur's Almost Boring Day"

Confuse the Goose is a board game frequently played by D.W. The object is to flip coins into a revolving goose's beak using little catapults. There are at least two online games based upon the board game, Virtual Goose and Virtual Goose Version 5.0. Confuse the Moose may also be related. 

Like most of D.W.'s games, Confuse the Goose is viewed by Arthur and his friends as a "baby game". The online game, however, is popular with preschoolers and third-graders alike. D.W. seems to be good at both the board game and the online version. 


In "Arthur's Almost Boring Day" D.W. wants to play the game with Arthur.

In "Arthur's Knee", D.W. tries to cheer Arthur, who is grounded, up by offering to play the game with him. It does not work.

In a flashback in "I'd Rather Read It Myself", D.W. plays the game with the Tibbles.

In “Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight”, D.W. plays the game with Nadine. They always tie.

In “D.W.’s Perfect Wish”, D.W. plays the game with Emily.

In "Just Desserts", D.W. plays the game with Thora. Shortly afterwards, Arthur has a Jack and the Beanstalk dream and brings D.W. a goose.

In "Sue Ellen Gets her Goose Cooked", Sue Ellen and D.W. find the game in Muffy's house. D.W. teaches Sue Ellen some "tricks of the trade". 

In “Elwood City Turns 100”, D.W., Vicita, and the Tibbles play the game while Arthur practices singing.

In "Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery", D.W. plays against the Tibbles. 

In "I Owe You One", Muffy does the introduction and ending because she says Arthur owes her for borrowing Confuse the Goose

In the introduction to "Arthur's Number Nightmare", D.W. beats Arthur at the game. 

In "Carl's Concerto", D.W. plays against Bud.

In the "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday" special, D.W. receives the game as a birthday gift, and she later plays it with her friends at her party. In the same special, future Kate talks about playing Confuse the Moose, but the box still reads Goose.

PBS Kids online game[]

A real online game with the same name used to exist on the Arthur website. However, it is significantly different from the game seen in the television series.