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Confuse the Goose
Just Desserts 182
Item Type

Board Game


D.W. Read
Muffy Crosswire

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur's Almost Boring Day"

Confuse the Goose is a board game frequently played by D.W. In the "D.W. and the Beastly Birthday" special, D.W. receives the game as a birthday gift, and she later plays it with her friends at her party. There are at least two online games based upon the board game, Virtual Goose and Virtual Goose Version 5.0, and Confuse the Moose may also be related. 

In the episode "I Owe You One" Muffy references Confuse the Goose when she says she is now even with Arthur because he borrowed her game. Like most of D.W.'s games, Confuse the Goose is viewed by Arthur and his friends as a "baby game"; however, the online game is respected by Arthur and his friends. D.W. seems to be good at both the board game and the online version.  

A real online game with the same name has been introduced on the Arthur website. However, it is significantly different from the game seen on the television series. 

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