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Congregation Sha'aray Shalom
Congregation Shaaray Shalom
First Appeared

Francine's Split Decision

Last Appeared

Is That Kosher?

Congregation Sha'aray Shalom is a Jewish synagogue in Elwood City that Francine Frensky and her extended family belong to.


It was first seen in "Francine's Split Decision" when it was the place Seth's Bar Mitzvah was held, which does not include the party. In "Is That Kosher?" it is seen for the second time in the series. In this appearance they go during Yom Kippur. Francine's grandmother Bubby also goes with Francine's family. In "The Good Sport," Francine mentions that she coaches the temple's basketball team, and in "Arthur's Snow Biz," Buster mentions that he is planning to shovel the parking lot.

Real life[]

"Sha'aray Shalom" is Hebrew for "Gates of Peace". It is a fairly common name for synagogues.