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Cora 1
Age Older than D.W.[1]
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Moderate tangelo
Complexion Light orange
Family *Richard (father)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Voiced by Michael Caloz

Cora is the main antagonist of the episode "D.W. Thinks Big". She is the cousin of Arthur, D.W. and Baby Kate.


Cora arrives for a sleepover at the Read household to prepare for the wedding of her aunt Lucy the next day. In D.W.'s room, D.W. asks Cora if she wants to play with her doll, Madame Curie, but Cora is unimpressed by its inventor status after asking if she “wets”, “tans” or “has a bikini”; she calls it "baby stuff" and says she doesn't have time to play anyway, as she has to prepare for the wedding since she is the flower girl. While checking her supplies, Cora shows D.W. a golden heart-shaped locket that Lucy gave her as a thank-you present for being the flower girl. D.W. tries to touch it, but Cora tells her she can't, because it is made out of real gold, and then she herself unintentionally breaks the locket by pulling on it. Cora then acts like it was D.W.'s fault, claiming that she made her do it and goes to tell her mother that D.W. broke it. When Jessica tells D.W. off sternly, D.W. says she didn't do it, but Cora argues back saying that she did and ruined it. Cora and D.W. are then sent to bed by Jane. Cora asks Jessica if she can sleep with her because she thinks the colors in D.W.'s room are awful, but Jessica tells Cora that she is just tired.

The next day, Cora is given her flower crown for the wedding and her father takes a picture of her in her wedding outfit. At the wedding, Cora rudely reminds Arthur that if he makes a mistake, he will ruin the wedding. While Arthur and Cora are walking down the aisle (Arthur is the ring bearer), Cora rudely yells at him to smile, which startles him and causes him to lose his balance, and as a result, the ring flies into the air and lands inside one of the organ pipes. Grandpa Dave tries to pull it out but is unsuccessful. The organ player, an elderly female rabbit, then points out that if someone could fit into the small hatch on the side of the organ, they could go and retrieve the ring. Arthur tries it out but it turns out he is too big to fit. Dave then asks Cora to give it a shot, which she is about to do, but then backs down when she sees that the inside of the organ is dirty; she rudely asks if they can just get another ring instead, to which Jessica answers affirmatively and tells her that she doesn't have to go into the organ. The wedding attendees then go into a panic, until D.W. volunteers to go retrieve the ring. While D.W. is inside the organ, Cora is seen watching in astonishment along with David, Jane, Arthur, Dave and the organ player. After D.W. gets the ring back, Cora is stripped of her flower girl position by Lucy and it is given to D.W. instead. Cora isn't happy about this and starts to protest, but Lucy says her name warningly and she begrudgingly accepts it.

Cora is last seen near the end of the episode among the crowd waving outside Lucy and her husband's wedding car.

In Brain's dream where he's a bug, Cora is seen at Lakewood talking to Nancy. "Bugged"

When Grandma Thora is shopping for her birthday, she decides to buy Arthur the Mutant Muck Monster as a present. "Arthur's Toy Trouble"


Although Cora only has one major appearance in the series, she is portrayed as being spoiled, annoying, and rather rude to the Read family children, especially D.W., but acts like an angel when adults are around. Cora's bratty nature is later exposed at her aunt Lucy's wedding.

However, in the book, Cora had less personality. She was a bit of a show-off, but wasn't outright malicious. Cora was also shown to be nicer. Unlike in the episode where she refused to enter the organ to save the ring because it would get her dirty, Cora actually offered to go inside the vent to retrieve the ring until the adults realized that D.W. would fit in there.

Physical appearance[]

Cora is an aardvark with a light brown complexion and short brown curly hair. She wears a blue short-sleeved dress with green stripes at the bottom and on her sleeves, long white socks, and red-and-white sneakers just like Arthur's. Cora wears a lavender dress with puffy sleeves, beige pantyhose and white shoes to the wedding since she is the flower girl.





  • Cora is similar to Angelica Pickles from Rugrats. Both characters act like brats when they are alone with children, but act nice when adults are around.
  • In the book, her flower girl dress is yellow instead of lavender.
  • In "I'd Rather Read It Myself", she is also the ring bearer since her cousin Arthur is the villain in the story.



  1. "Arthur and your cousin Cora are older than you, sweetie."Jane Read to D.W. Read, "D.W. Thinks Big"