Muffy's House
Crosswire Mansion Exterior
Location 1250 Nouveau Lane[1]
Elwood City[2]
Type House
Administrator Crosswire family
Staff Bailey
At least 8 more
Number of rooms 20[2]
Residents Ed Crosswire
Millicent Crosswire
Chip Crosswire (formerly)
Muffy Crosswire
Muffy's dog
Muffy's hamster
First appearance "Arthur's Birthday" (cartoon)
Arthur's Birthday (books)
It's not a palace, but it is big!

D.W. Read, "D.W. Unties the Knot"

The Crosswire Estate[3] is a large residence owned by the Crosswire family. It is located in the southeastern part of Elwood City.[2] The most prominent feature is the mansion, which is commonly known as Muffy's House.[2] Together, the house and the yard occupy an area of 16,000 square feet.[4]

The mansion is lavender and yellow with a turquoise roof (shingles had a darker tone in earlier seasons), brown front doors, and a balcony above the front doors. However, in season 22, the mansion‘s colors were changed to soft pink with a dark aqua roof and bright blue glass windows.

Muffy and her family reside in it, despite her family being very small and she has only one sibling: her older brother Chip, who is attending college. Their chauffeur and butler, Bailey also lives there, and is a great friend of theirs. The Crosswires do not allow anyone to bring their pets (such as Arthur's dog Pal and Francine's cat Nemo) into their mansion, but according to Muffy in "D.W., the Picky Eater", they have a dog. The mansion is located in Southeast Elwood City.


The mansion has twenty rooms, a colossal yard, and a swimming pool. The chandeliers can be found in many rooms. Muffy's bedroom is very large and has a fancy bed, two windows, a fireplace, lamps, wardrobes, sculptures, and a tea table. Muffy also has her own pet hamster, which was seen in "Poor Muffy". The living room contains some luxurious furniture, a fireplace, potted plants, lamps, and a white grand piano. Their kitchen is very large and has rounder cabinets and countertops than the other families, plus they have a booth unlike the other families. There are dining rooms with tables and fancy designs. According to Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest, there is an underground bomb shelter. They have a study that has bookshelves full of books, and a computer desk. Their first computer in the early seasons was a '90s era computer with a CRT monitor, but in the later seasons replaced it with a 2000s era computer and a flat panel monitor.




The Crosswire family is shown to own three vehicles: two automobiles and one bicycle. Ed drives the green station wagon to work and around Elwood City, and chauffeur Bailey drives the black Cadillac-based limousine to transport Muffy to school, sports games, a friend's house, and back home; and the limousine has a personalized plate with Muffy's name on it in all capital letters. Muffy also has a pink bicycle with black tires, a white seat, and a white flagpole with a yellow flag with the letter "M" on it. Her bicycle also has a remote control to lock up her bike when parked in a bicycle rack, plus fold down the flagpole.


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