Arthur Read: Is there any way to separate D.W. from her Blankie? She brings it with her everywhere - to daycare, to the amusement park, and even in the bathtub! And it never gets washed! Everywhere she goes, she's just gotta have that smelly old blankie!

D.W.: Come on!

Arthur: And that's why I'm spending my entire Saturday running all over town with her!

D.W.: Move it, Arthur!

(Title card)

(D.W. is shown in her bedroom, looking everywhere for her blankie.)

D.W.: Yoo-hoo! (D.W. keep searching until she can't find it anymore and sighs. Just then, the phone rings. Arthur picks it up.)

Arthur: Hello? Buster? (D.W. crashes into Arthur just as he is about to continue talking to Buster, making him drop the phone on the floor)

Buster: (voice on phone) Arthur? Are you still there?

Arthur: (annoyed) D.W.!

D.W.: My blankie's missing!

Arthur: Big whoop. (Arthur goes under table and picks up phone.) Buster? Sorry, I got D.W.ed. Really?! You rented ALL the Renegade Joe movies?! Cool! I'm on my way!

(Arthur hangs up phone, and runs to the door. But, before he could even go out, D.W. stops him.)

D.W.: (worriedly) Arthur! My blankie! I can't find it!

Arthur: Well, we know it's not in the washing machine. Ask Mom where it is.

D.W.: She went to work and won't be home till late. (Pal barks. D.W. accuses him.) You took it, didn't you?! Where's my blankie, you pathetic excuse for a dog?!

Arthur: He didn't take your germy blankie! Pal's got better taste than that!

D.W.: Prove it! Help me find it!

Arthur: I'm going to Buster's. Find your own blankie.

D.W.: When I'm asking all your friends if THEY'VE seen my blankie, I'm sure the subject of who sleeps with teddy bears will come up.

(As Arthur hears this, he gets surprised, then annoyed.)

Arthur: Okay, let's just make it quick. Where did you have it last?

D.W.: Well, Mom had to give some papers to Mrs. Tibble. (Suddenly, saying Mrs. Tibble's name give D.W. an idea.) The Tibble Twins! That's it! Arthur, they stole my blankie!


D.W.: When we were leaving, they probably slid down the banister...(Tibble slide down banister, and then laugh)...and grabbed my blankie! (Tommy Tibble does a raspberry at D.W.)

(flashback ends)

Arthur: (annoyed) How could they do that without you and Mom seeing them?

D.W.: You're right, Arthur.


D.W.: Mrs. Tibble must've thrown magic dust on us! (Mrs. Tibble throws magic dust on D.W. and Jane)

(flashback ends)

Arthur: (annoyed) Magic dust?

D.W.: (panicky) C'mon, Arthur, before they do something terrible with it!

(scene fades to Tibbles' house)

Mrs. Tibble: The twins? No, Arthur. They've been off with Trixie all weekend. But, when they come back, I'll tell them you want to play with them! (closes doors)

Arthur: No! See, I didn't...(gets annoyed) Oh, great! Now, I'm gonna have to play with those two little monsters!

D.W.: Arthur! I just remembered where my blankie must be! C'mon!

(Arthur and D.W. walk as flashback appears)

D.W.: When we were at the dry cleaners, I must've got hypnotized looking at the clothes on the rack whirling around and around. (D.W. gets hypnotized in flashback) Then, while Mom was paying, the machine ordered me to hand over my blankie.

(flashback ends; cuts to dry cleaners)

Dry Cleaners Lady: Hypnotized? That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! Oh, aren't you just the cutest little girl!

D.W.: But, what about my blankie...(gets interrupted by lady)

Dry Cleaners Lady: Such a cute little girl! (coos happily at D.W., who looks annoyed at Arthur)

Arthur: I can't believe she thought YOU were cute!

D.W.: I am cute! I'm adorable!

Arthur: C'mon! I gotta get to Buster's. Where next?

D.W.: Wait a minute. Now I remember! The library! That's where it happened!


Arthur and D.W. have asked at the library.

Arthur: Oh no, Binky Barnes. I don’t want him to know I’m looking for a blankie.

Binky: Oh no, it’s Arthur. I don’t want him to know I’m reading books.

They pass each other pretending not to see.


Arthur lies in bed.

Arthur: (yawns) That dumb Blankie.       He turns around.   (mumbles)   Suddenly he starts searching the bed and the room.     Stanley? Oh no!

D.W. stands in the door with Stanley, the teddy bear.

D.W.: Looking for something? You left this in my room, but I’m sure you don’t need him.

Arthurs brows curl. From the outside you see a light go on in a window.

Arthur: Bring that back, D.W.! Dad!! D.W., give it back to me! I’m telling Dad, D.W.! Hey, Dad, D.W. won’t give back Stanley!

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