D.W.'s Lost Blankie
D.W.'s Lost Blankie Cover.jpg
Author *Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date April 1, 1998
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316109142
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D.W.'s Lost Blankie is the book adaptation of the season 1 story "D.W.'s Blankie." It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown.

Plot summary

D.W. has always had her blankie with her since birth and considers it better than a night-light when it comes to falling asleep. One day, she gets home, only to find it missing. The entire Read family searches the house for it, but come up empty. Arthur tells D.W. to think about the last place that she had the blankie. They check the library and the car wash, but still don't find it. D.W. is quiet for the rest of the day, and that night, she can't get to sleep. Mom then comes into her room and gives her the blankie, but it isn't as how she remembered. Mom has washed it, and D.W. is upset, feeling that Mom "killed" the blanket. It doesn't look or smell quite the same. Nevertheless, she cuddles it to her cheek and tells it that she loves it. She then resolves to be extra nice to Mom the next morning, as well as find a new place to hide her blankie, before falling asleep.



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