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"D.W.'s New Best Friend"
Season/Series: 24
Number in season: 3a
Original Airdate: United States March 9, 2021[1]
Canada April 16, 2021[2]
Written by: Peter Ferland
Storyboard by: Tahir Rana
Dimitri Kostic
"The Great MacGrady"
"Freaky Tuesday"
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"D.W.'s New Best Friend" is the first half of the third episode in the twenty-fourth season of Arthur.


D.W. meets a cool 13-year-old girl.


D.W. and Bud take a puppet-making class at the Community Center, run by the 8th grader Hana. While initially off-put by Hana's demeanor on their first day of classes, the two connect on the second day when Hana recognizes D.W.'s puppet as Princess Perky. Hana shows D.W. a scar on her forehead that she got from sleeping in her Princess Platoon tiara, and D.W. shows Hana a scar on her arm she got from falling on her wand.

Afterwards, D.W. starts taking an interest in Katinka Mink, the popstar Hana likes, noting a billboard to Bud on the drive home from the Community Center. During a trip to the supermarket with her mom, D.W. runs into Hana and her friends, during which Hana introduces D.W. as her "new best friend" from the puppet workshop. After Hana points out Katinka Mink's appearance on the cover of POP Quiz magazine, D.W. has her mother buy a copy of the magazine for her, which she uses to decorate the mirror of her room.

The next day at the puppet workshop, D.W. laments the lack of yellow string to make Princess Perky's hair. Hana suggests using different colored string, suggesting that it may be Princess Perky's cousin, also adding two antennae to the puppet. When D.W. points out that she looks like a bug, the two brainstorm together the idea of Princess Ladybug, much to D.W.'s delight.

On the ride home, D.W. excitedly recounts the day's events to her mother, who notes D.W.'s change in attitude towards Hana. D.W. announces that Hana said she was her new best friend, to which Bud points out that he thought he was her best friend. The two debate for some time about only being able to have one best friend, to which D.W. concludes that Bud is her "middlest" friend, as Hana is her new best friend, visibly making Bud upset.

At home, Mrs. Read attempts to talk with D.W. about how she might have hurt Bud's feelings, but D.W. is quickly distracted by a Katinka Mink flyer that came in the mail announcing a concert in Elwood City, calling Hana excitedly to share the news. Hana is also excited at the prospect, thanking D.W. for the tip and saying she's "on it" before hanging up abruptly. D.W. misinterprets this as Hana agreeing to get tickets for both of them, and sets to work on assembling a new outfit more in line with both Katina Mink and Hana's fashion sense, using one of Arthur's old shirts, Pal's collar, and raspberry on her lips in imitation of lipstick. She also styles her hair upright in a more wild fashion sense, which Bud mistakes for the result of her house being windy.

When they arrive to the Community Center, Hana compliments D.W.'s outfit, and tells her to remind her after the lesson as she brought her something. D.W. excitedly asks if it's their tickets to see Katina Mink, and starts to share her idea of how the two should have a sleepover after. Hana explains that she's going with her friends, which confuses D.W., who points out out that she thought she was Hana's best friend. Hana sheepishly explains the distinction that she's her best "little" friend and wouldn't have fun at the concert, as it's geared towards older children. Hurt by the rejection, D.W. returns to her table to see that Bud is also leaving her to sit with James, who explains he has a new best friend too.

When it is time to show off the puppets to the parents, Hana calls first on D.W. to show off Princess Ladybug. D.W. explains that Princess Ladybug is sad, and starts singing You're Wrong with visuals depicting D.W. as a tiny Princess Ladybug trying to get Hana's attention. After the song, those in attendance applaud, while Hana looks remorseful, realizing how her words had hurt D.W.'s feelings. She apologizes after class, and shares the gift she had been planning to share with D.W.— her old princess dresses. D.W. happily accepts the apology and the gifts. On the ride home, D.W. makes amends with Bud as well, offering him a raspberry so his lips can be red too, and they happily play together with their new puppets as the Katinka Mink billboard is plastered over with an advertisement for Kale Smoothy.







  • This episode's existence was known as early as Spring 2020, when clips from this episode were used in a digital video short about washing hands.
  • When James screams, he has Arthur's voice actor from Season 18 and Season 19, William Healy. James has not spoken at all since the Season 18 episode "D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose".

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  • There are several instances where Hana's earring and bangs switch between her right and left sides. This is a common animation error for characters with non-symmetrical designs that is observed in many Flash-animated episodes (beginning with Season 16).
  • In the cold open, the background image is mirrored briefly, with storefront signs appearing backward.