"D.W.'s Perfect Wish"

D.W.'s Perfect Wish

D.W.'s Perfect Wish Title Card

Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 14B
Original Airdate: June 3, 1999
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
"Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight"
"Arthur and D.W. Clean Up"
"D.W.'s Perfect Wish" is the second half of the fourteenth episode in the third season of Arthur.


D.W. fears that she has frittered away her preschool years, so she is determined to come up with the perfect meaningful wish for when she turns 5.


The opening begins as Arthur is marking a calendar and mentions to the viewers it's not hard to make themselves a calendar and shows the viewers the one he drew himself before coming to March.

He reveals D.W.'s birthday is on March 1 and goes on to talk about how D.W. kept mentioning it the previous year. As he flips the calendar to the current day, Arthur notices that it is D.W.'s birthday, and yet she has not said a word. He then talks to her when she suddenly throws her toy unicorn at him. Arthur then wonders why D.W. isn't excited about her birthday.

D.W.'s Perfect Wish

Arthur heads into D.W.'s room and asks her why she's not excited for her birthday. She asks him if he actually wants to know or not, then goes over what happened. Beginning when with she was telling their dad what sort of cake she wanted: a plain old, normal, every day cake.

Then a bit later, D.W. plays a game with Emily. Emily mentions that turning five is really serious, and goes on to say that a child can not do the same things as he or she used to, and that soon they'll be going to kindergarten, and that they'll never be a young child ever again...

So now, D.W. is moping about as Arthur asks her the problem with this. D.W. begins to wonder if this is a big mistake and asks if she's wasted her childhood and Arthur tries to convince her that she's done plenty of great stuff.

Such as fooling the tooth fairy, taught the entire family about fire drills, got to get stitches at the hospital, and so many other things!

D.W. goes over this and does not feel too happy and Arthur continues, telling her about how she learned to do flips on the balance beam, her deer friend, meeting Mr. Rogers, met the President, built a chicken coop, saw Crazy Bus Live, and caught chicken pox from Arthur (which D.W. mentions wasn't fun despite what she had initially thought)...

She also saved Cousin Lucy's ring, took care of Kate upon her birth, saved a special snowball, the latter of which D.W. remembers (and then mentions that someone took it). She then stops and blames Arthur, but he denies it yet again...

After hugging Arthur, D.W. thanks him for helping her be happy again this day and Arthur tells her that he wants her to be happy, and reminds her about the special birthday wish.

Later, D.W. and Arthur notice how dark the house is; upon reaching the kitchen, D.W. then sees her parents, Kate and Grandma Thora with the cake and presents and yell, "SURPRISE!"  D.W. then blows out the candles to make her wish. Arthur asks her what she wished for last year and she reveals that she can’t remember that wish.

Her parents try to inspire her, but it’s no use; D.W. considers wishing for a pony, but is convinced not to do so as Arthur tries to rush her, claiming Kate is really hungry as a result. Grandma Thora tells D.W. that she does not need to fret over her birthday wish, since she made a nice wish for both Arthur and D.W. on her birthday. After hugging her, D.W. then realizes her birthday wish!

After D.W. finally blew out the candles, everybody digs into the cake. D.W. compliments the cake as Arthur asks her what she wished for and then he asks her that she tells him the wish once it happens.

Suddenly, the bowl of cake goes flying and Arthur narrowly misses it. He then slips and lands right into the remaining cake! As D.W. laughs, she secretly reveals that it was her wish, without directly saying it... Then Pal licks Arthur.


D.W. turned 5 in this episode. However, in D.W. and the Beastly Birthday, she also turns 5.






  • This is one of the very few "clip shows" of the Arthur series. The other two were "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival" and "The Best Day Ever."
  • Clips from "D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy," "D.W. All Fired Up," "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles," "D.W.'s Deer Friend," "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers" "Arthur's Chicken Pox," D.W. Goes to Washington, Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, Play It Again, D.W., D.W.'s Snow Mystery  "Arthur's Baby" "D.W.'s Baby and "D.W. Thinks Big" were among those reused.
  • In the episode, Arthur refers to Lucy as his cousin, but she is actually his aunt.
  • In Arthur's Birthday, Arthur said that D.W.'s birthday was six months away, even though his birthday was May 25. D.W.'s birthday was confirmed to be March 1 here, which is 280 days (281 days if a leap year) after Arthur's, and Arthur's birthday is 85 days after D.W.'s.
  • In the flashback of D.W.'s fourth birthday, Jane is shown to be pregnant with Kate; yet in the earlier episode Arthur's Baby (as well as its direct sequel D.W.'s Baby) where Kate was born, Arthur was seven years old and in the second grade and D.W. was three years old, therefore making the flashback in this episode a continuity error.
  • Although D.W. turned five years old in this episode, she is still referred to being four years old in the later episodes, unless there is a calendar on display that says the date after her birthday, such as in "For Whom the Bell Tolls."
  • Apparently, D.W. can't spell 'no,' as she calls it a "three letter word".
  • When D.W. says she'll never be four again, she only holds up three fingers.
  • The song Mr. Rogers sings to D.W. is "Please Don't Think It's Funny."
  • When it flashes back to when Mr. Rogers singing to D.W., instead of simply reusing footage from "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers", new animation is produced of Mr. Rogers singing his song to a sleeping D.W. (in the actual episode, D.W. was awake and listening to the song with Buster Baxter).
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Emily is older than D.W., which is confirmed when she says she is five years old already.
  • This episode takes place on March 1. However the year in which it takes place is unknown.
  • In "Arthur's Chicken Pox," when D.W. received chicken pox after resenting Arthur having them, she considered it fun. In this episode, she decides instead that it wasn't fun having them.

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