During the intro, D.W. gave several examples of Arthur being privileged because he is older.

Arthur: D.W., shh! We’re trying to watch the movie. And you’re not supposed to do the intro anyway. It’s my show.

D.W.: Wait! I’m not finished yet!   Cut to title card.    Older brothers.


Salesperson: Little girls are all very well and good, ma’am, but if you’re looking to save some money, we currently have a terrific sale on baby boys. In fact you can’t get a better deal than this one. Fifty percent off.

He shows a basket with baby Arthur, who immediately starts crying.

D.W.: I knew there was a reason they had Arthur first.


Ms. Morgan: You know, D.W. is so amazing, did you ever think of having another child?

Mrs. Read: Well, that’s just it. D.W. is so perfect, there doesn’t seem to be any point to having another one.

Nadine: What? Aren’t you happy?

D.W.: I guess I should be, but I feel bad for Arthur. If Mom and Dad don’t take him, who will?


D.W. has gotten lost in her dream. In the real world, she talks in her sleep.

D.W.: We’re lost! Help!       Arthur stands in the door.

Arthur: D.W., are you okay?

D.W.: Arthur? Is that you? Oh good you’re not that broken baby from the baby store anymore.

Arthur: D.W., you know babies don’t come from stores. Remember when Kate was born? Mom and Dad explained it to you.

D.W.: Oh, right, so it was just a terrible nightmare.   Arthur hands her a crazy bus toy and Mary Moo Cow.

Arthur: Here, will those make you feel better? I know I don’t have nightmares so much when I sleep with my Bionic Bunny.     He tucks her in.

D.W.: Arthur, I’m glad you’re my older brother.

Arthur: Me too. Goodnight, D.W.      He leaves.

A little later D.W. comes into Arthur’s room.

D.W.: Arthur?

Arthur: Hm?        She climbs into bed with him, holding the Mary Moo Cow doll.

D.W.: Goodnight, Arthur.

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