Writer: Raye Lankford

Storyboard Artist: Stephanie Gignac

D.W. Read: No. I mean, what I was gonna say was me last. I always go first. You guys should go ahead of me this time.

Timmy Tibble: It looks like a trap.

D.W.: (to her best friend) Emily, you go first.

Emily: You'll just say I did it wrong.

D.W.: No, I won't. I promise. (after Emily walks on the balance beam) That was so...close to being perfect. You just need more practice. You can have my turn.

(Tommy gasps)

D.W.: It helps if you hold your arms out more. That works for me. You got it.

Emily: Thanks, D.W.!

Tommy: You go next.

D.W.: No, no, you can go next.

Timmy: No, you.

Emily: Go ahead, D.W.

D.W.: But I already said I'd go last.

Emily: She's being nice.

Tommy: Oh, yeah? We can be nicer.

Timmy: Yeah, take my turn!

Tommy: No! She should have my turn!

(fighting continues)

Emily: Hey, want to come over after class and practice cartwheels?

(D.W. nods; the Tibble twins keep on fighting)