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D.W., Go to Your Room!
Author Marc Brown
Publication date April 1, 1999

February 3, 2000 (D.W. in Trouble)

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D.W., Go to Your Room! (also titled D.W. in Trouble) is a D.W. series book based on the Season 2 episode "Go to Your Room, D.W.".


It is raining outside and during playtime, D.W. is punished by her mother by being sent to her room for bullying her baby sister Kate by threatening to pinch her after she keeps taking toys from her.

Differences between the book and the episode

In the original edition, the entire sequence where D.W. runs away from home was removed from the book (which was likely to make it more moralic). In the revised 2012 edition, parts of this scene were added alongside several other parts that were new and previously missing. Also, Nadine is completely absent from the story.