(This episode begins when Arthur's mom comes home with the groceries while D.W. is asking for a cold, red freezy-pop.)

  • D.W.: Mom, I hope you got me the red freezy-pops, cause I only like the red ones!
  • Arthur: Orange and purple are good, too.
  • D.W.: Aw, but red tastes better.
  • Jane: Help me put away the groceries, then you can have a red freezy-pop.
  • D.W.: Ew, gross! It's looking at me! You're not going to feed us a dead fish, are you?
  • Arthur's Mom: You've eaten fish before.
  • D.W.: Well, it's never looked at me before!

(Arthur begins to taunt D.W., for not liking the new fish.)

  • Arthur: D.W.'s scared of a fishy!
  • D.W.: I am not scared! Fish smells funny, and I hate food that smells funny. Are these green eyeballs?
  • Arthur: No, they're olives. And they're not looking at you.
  • D.W.: Cucumbers: yucky, tomatoes: yucky! Mmm, peanut butter. And jelly, yummy! Mmm, white bread... ugh, yucky crusts!
  • Arthur: My sister, D.W., is what you might call a picky eater.
  • D.W.: Yuck, spinach! I hate spinach! Spinach is the worstest, most disgustingest food in the universe!

(At the dinner table, D.W. talks to Arthur about the yucky food she hates.)

  • D.W.: ...And stinky cheese; I never realized how many yucky foods there are, like tapioca and lima beans, and, uh, did I mention spinach?
  • Arthur: Yes!
  • D.W. (V.O.): And this! Ughh!

(Arthur's dad gives D.W. a plate of Hawaiian shrimp and D.W. thinks she does not like it.)

  • Arthur's Dad: D.W., you don't even know what it is. How can you say you don't like it?
  • D.W.: Okay, what is it?
  • Arthur's Dad: Hawaiian Shrimp! It's a new recipe.
  • D.W.: It's part of the smelly fish family and I don't like the smelly fish family!
  • Arthur: *sigh* Face it! You don't like anything!
  • D.W. (V.O.): I do, too, like peanut butter and jelly and strawberries and chocolate, but not with the nuts in it, and birthday cake, and chocolate ice cream, and uh... Um...

(At the restaurant, the waiter gives the family the food they ordered. David orders a steak, Jane orders soup, Arthur orders fried chicken, and D.W. orders a salad.)

  • Arthur's Dad (V.O.): Mmm, looks good!
  • D.W.: Cucumbers, yucky, mushrooms, yucky, onions, yucky and smelly... Hey, this isn't lettuce! What kind of a salad is this?
  • Arthur: Uh-oh, she's gonna pop.
  • D.W.: This is spinach!
  • Waiter: Is something the matter?
  • D.W.: This is spinach, and I... hate... spinach!

(D.W. throws a tantrum and pounds the table with her fists, which sends the salad flying onto the waiter's head, and he gets embarrassed and very, very angry. Everyone in the restaurant gasps, including all the kids.)

  • D.W: Uh oh...
  • Waiter: That's it! I quit!
  • Arthur's Mom: Dora Winifred Read!

(Back at home, Arthur discusses to Grandma Thora about what his sister, D.W., did. She is seen holding baby Kate.)

  • Grandma Thora: Back so soon? Did you have a good time?
  • Arthur: D.W. punched her salad, and it exploded! ...Uh, all over the waiter and everyone was staring at us.
  • D.W.: They were not! Everyone's making this into such a big deal.
  • Arthur's Mom: No more restaurants for you, young lady, until you can behave and learn to eat what's placed in front of you. Now, go to your room!

(D.W. gets grounded for a week and punished from eating at restaurants until she can behave, and then she is sent to her room. Arthur then reminds his mom about Grandma Thora's birthday at the Once Upon a Restaurant.)

  • Arthur: What about Grandma Thora's birthday at the Once Upon a Restaurant next week?
  • Jane: D.W. will not be joining us.
  • Arthur: Wow, too bad! *sighs* Dinner without D.W.: I guess we'll just have to suffer through it without her.
  • Grandma Thora: If D.W. can't come to the restaurant, I'd be just as happy coming over here for dinner.
  • Arthur: What?! And miss Once Upon a Restaurant?
  • Grandma Thora: It just wouldn't be a "happy birthday" if D.W. wasn't there!
  • Arthur: But that's the best restaurant ever! This isn't fair! Am I supposed to everything with D.W.?

(Arthur dreams of what he could do without his sister, D.W., like when he was an astronaut going to Jupiter.)

  • Computer Voice (V.O.): One minute until blast off. 57.. 56... 55... 54... 53...
  • Announcer: Captain Read, how does it feel to be the first astronaut to go to Jupiter?
  • Astronaut Arthur: I've been preparing for this trip for 20 years, and I'm very excited.
  • Space Manager: Captain Read, where's your sister, D.W.? Isn't she going with you?
  • Astronaut Arthur: Of course not! Why would she be going into space with me?
  • Space Manager: Number 325, D.W.'s not with him. He'll not be going up.

(Just there, the space managers cancel Astronaut Arthur's mission to outer space. Astronaut Arthur is worried and gets punished for this.)

  • Space Scientist: Scrub it!
  • Computer Voice (V.O.): ...There's been a mistake! This mission is being canceled.
  • Astronaut Arthur: What's going on? But why?
  • Space Manager: You know the rules. You don't get to do anything without your sister!
  • Astronaut Arthur: Nooooo!

(Back at home, Arthur crosses off a day out of his calendar before his Grandma Thora's birthday party. His dog, Pal is with him.)

  • Arthur (V.O.): Only 6 days before Grandma Thora's birthday, Pal. That doesn't give us much time! (Pal whimpers) *sighs* If only D.W. knew what she was missing. That's it!

(At the park, Arthur rides his bicycle to the park, where he meets D.W. at the sidewalk.)

  • Arthur: Hey D.W., wanna ride bikes with me?
  • D.W.: Sure! I'll get my... Hey, wait a minute! What are you trying to pull here?
  • Arthur (V.O.): Nothing! It's the Once Upon a Restaurant! Let's stop and take a look. Look, D.W., there's a princess!
  • D.W.: A princess? Where? Where?
  • Arthur: And is that a unicorn?
  • D.W.: Unicorn...
  • Arthur (V.O.): Wouldn't you like to see the unicorn up close on Saturday at Grandma Thora's birthday party?
  • D.W.: Yes!
  • Arthur: Really?
  • D.W.: Sure, but how are we going to get it to our house?

(Back at the Sugar Bowl, Arthur and his friends are talking about D.W. not trying to eat anything new. This confuses Francine.)

  • Arthur: It's no use! D.W. won't try eating anything new. I'll never get to go to the Once Upon a Restaurant!
  • Francine: My cousin's friend said that they have boats that take you right to your... *Muffy kicks Francine* Ow! Hey, why'd you? *chuckles* Oh! I mean, you're probably not missing that much.
  • Arthur: I just have to figure out some way to get her to eat what's in front of her, and I only have 5 days left before Grandma Thora's birthday.
  • Buster: Hey, why don't you just trick her?
  • Arthur: Hey!

(At the treehouse)

  • Arthur: Boy, Buster, that's the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich I've ever tasted.
  • Buster (V.O.): But oh look, I've made too many!
  • D.W.: What are you doin'? Hey, I'll take one!
  • Arthur: Well, I don't know, D.W., you don't like anything and mom didn't make them. Buster did!
  • Buster (V.O.): Oh, let her have one. You were wrong, Arthur. She loves it! There's nothing that perks up a PBJ sandwich like... spinach.

(Disgusted, D.W. biles the sandwich. The scene skips to the next day at school, with Arthur even more worried.)

  • Francine (V.O.): What's wrong Arthur? You look worried.
  • ArthurI'm running out of time, only 3 days left.
  • Muffy: D.W. has to see someone she admires eating spinach. Trust me, that's how our butler got our dog to try a new brand of dog food.
  • ArthurIt just might work! But, who does she admire?

(They all choose Muffy for the role, and Arthur takes D.W. to her house.)

  • Muffy: Thank you, Bailey. You know, spinach is my favorite food in the whole wide world. Sometimes I just get a craving for it.

(Muffy tries to eat a bite, but a fly gets on it. She yells, making D.W. give a smug grin. It then goes to the next day at recess.)

  • Francine: Seeing as you only have 2 days left until your Grandmother's birthday, it's time you call in an expert.
  • Arthur: You have an expert?
  • Francine: Me!

(They then go over to Arthur's house to convince D.W. to eat new things.)

  • Francine: Baby Kate is such a big girl! She loves her spinach, yes she does, don't you Katie Watie?
  • (D.W. then runs in the room.)
  • D.W.: Kate, stop! It's a trick! Don't eat it!
  • Arthur: No, no, no. Kate is a big girl, unlike some sisters who throw their food and have tantrums like a baby.
  • D.W.: I'm not a baby!
  • Arthur: Are too!
  • D.W.: Am not!
  • Arthur: Are too!
  • Francine: Quiet! If you're not a baby, then prove it.
  • (Francine holds a spoonful of spinach, which D.W. grabs and nearly eats, only to see that Kate didn't really eat her spinach.)
  • D.W.: Well it looks like I'm not the only one with good taste around here.

(It then skips to Arthur and Buster biking.)

  • Buster: Well, it looks like you're gonna miss the boat, you've tried everything.
  • Arthur: Hey. (stops bike) Everything but Plan X. (turns around)
  • Buster: Oh no, not Plan X! What's Plan X?

(Arthur goes home, and initializes Plan X.)

  • Arthur: Oh, Grandma! I'm so glad you changed your mind. I can't believe we're going to the restaurant after all.
  • D.W.: Hey, what are you telling Grandma?
  • Arthur: Nothing D.W., leave me alone. What's that Grandma? Oh yes, I think it'll be just as much fun without her.
  • D.W: Without who? Let me talk to her!
  • Arthur: D.W., isn't there some dancing vegetable on T.V.?
  • D.W.: Give me the phone! I can go wherever I want!
  • Arthur: But you said you didn't want to go to restaurants, remember? And this one might have spinach. And---
  • D.W.: Grandma, I'm coming to your party, and I'm going to be lots of fun! Ha, so there. You're not the boss of me, Arthur Read.
  • Arthur: Well Grandma, I guess there's not we can do. D.W.'s gonna have to come with us.
  • D.W.: That's right. Mom, Dad! I wanna go to the restaurant! I'll try new food and eat it all!
  • Arthur: It worked, thanks!
  • Buster (impersonating Grandma Thora): Glad I could help you, sonny!

(It then cuts to the party at Once Upon A Restaurant.)

  • Arthur: Wow, this is gonna be great!
  • D.W.: Maybe we'll see the princess!
  • (They get in the boat that takes them to where they're going to sit.)
  • Arthur: This place is excellent!
  • D.W.: Look, there's the princess!
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Your waiter will be here shortly to take your order.
  • D.W.: I hope they have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, without spinach.
  • Jane: I thought you were gonna try something new and eat it all. 
  • D.W.: Oh yeah.

(After minutes of waiting, their meals are served.)

  • Waiter: Your wishes have been granted, attendees! Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum lobsters for two, Wicked Witched Weenies for the young sultan, and for the princess, Little Bo Peep Pot Pie.
  • (Everyone stares nervously at D.W., ready to take her first bite.)
  • D.W.: Okay. (takes her first bite) Hey, this is delicious!
  • Waiter: (sighs in relief) Great.
  • (D.W. quickly finishes her pie.)
  • D.W.: I love this Little Bo Peep Pot Pie! It's so good, I'd eat it every day if you made it for me at home.
  • David: Excuse me, is it possible to get the recipe for the Little Bo Peep Pot Pie?
  • Waiter: It's very easy to make. You just fill a pie pastry with lots and lots of...spinach.
  • (Everyone is looking at D.W. again.)
  • D.W.: Why is everyone looking at me? I love spinach! Everyone knows that.
  • (Arthur rolls eyes.)
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