D.W. & Bud's Backyard Adventure
Game Information
Game type Adventure
Main character(s) D.W. and Bud (playable)
Arthur, Ladonna, Buster, Binky (non-playable)
Release Date July 2014[1][2]
Platform Online
Website link Play now!

Game Backyard Adventure.jpg

D.W. & Bud's Backyard Adventure is a game on the PBS Kids website. It is based on the episode "Adventures in Budylon".


At the start of each level, D.W. and Bud are in D.W.'s backyard. When they enter the tent, they are warped to another zone. In each zone, they must collect a piece of a golden idol while avoiding traps and enemies.

To move, the player clicks a place on the screen, and D.W. and Bud move to that point, so long as an obstacle does not block their path. The player can click on special objects to perform an action, such as swinging on a vine or pulling a lever.


  • This game was first announced in a WGBH Digital Kids blog on March 9, 2014.[3]

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