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"D.W. Blows the Whistle"

D.W. blows the whistle

D.W. Blows the Whistle Title Card

Season/Series: 2
Number in season: 16B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States April 13, 1998[1]
Flag of Canada September 14, 1998[2]
Written by: Barry Rinehart
Ian Saunders
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"Love Notes for Muffy"
"Francine Redecorates"
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"D.W. Blows the Whistle" is the second half of the sixteenth episode in the second season of Arthur.


Deputized as a Junior Safety Officer, D.W. sees it as a license to tattle.


In a fantasy sequence, we see Arthur and The Brain road race against Muffy and Francine. Muffy and Francine pass Arthur and The Brain to take the lead. But when they are on top of the canyon, Arthur and The Brain regain the lead, causing Muffy and Francine to crash into a rock. While they are still racing, Arthur and the Brain are pulled over by D.W. (dressed in a police uniform), which causes Muffy and Francine to win the race. She tells them that they got a ticket for no license plate, no turn signals, and that the numbers on the car create a distraction. Arthur protests and says that it's a race course, but he and the Brain are sent to jail. Brain can't believe how strict D.W. is, but Arthur says that she gets carried away.

---Title Card---

At the Elwood City Public Library, Officer Safety gives a lesson on the ABC's of safety, "Always Be Careful" to D.W. and her classmates. After the presentation, Ms. Turner tells the children to line up because there is something special that they will receive. D.W. is given a safety whistle along with her friends. Then she fantasizes about being dubbed and sworn in as "The Princess of Safety". She is also given a safety pony, which makes her so overjoyed that she hugs him. Following the fantasy sequence, Officer Safety tells the children, "Safety is everybody's responsibility!" Without worry, D.W. promises him that she will be safe.

We now see D.W., Kate, and Jane walk out of the library. D.W. asks Jane if she can bring her safety whistle with her when they go see Mary Moo Cow on Ice. She says yes, but she warns her not to blow it while at the show. When walking down the street, a mother is closing the car door with groceries in her hands while a boy named Matthew is playing with a ball. However, the ball bounces in the street and he tries to go after it. D.W. notices the situation right away and blows her whistle to warn the mother. Just in time, Matthew's mother grabs him before he gets hit by a car. Afterwards, she thanks D.W. for saving his life. D.W. is proud that she used the whistle to stop Matthew in time.

Arthur, on the other hand, is in shock about what happened. He is so shocked that he accidentially drops a wrench on his foot. D.W. believes that she is now the Junior Safety Officer. Arthur and The Brain are building a car for the Ratburn Rally Race. D.W. becomes a critic of the car and states it as "a pile of junk" with wheels. Arthur, in anger, replies, "Who asked you?" Jane tells them to calm down, but D.W. blows her safety whistle claiming that the car is unsafe and has no seatbelts. Both Jane and even Brain note that D.W. has a point in what she's saying and feel it would be a good idea to add some seatbelts, and D.W. notes, "Better to be safe than sorry."

Later in the evening, Arthur is playing with two toy race cars in the bathtub. D.W. blows the whistle multiple times and states little things that could be dangerous and unsafe, which annoys Arthur and even their parents.

At school, while setting up dominoes, Francine believes that D.W. has become a "safety monster". Muffy claims that D.W. blew the whistle at her because "long hair is a safety hazard" and Binky says that he got in trouble just for saying "Hi" to her, and D.W. apparently justified this by claiming that Binky shouldn't talk to strangers (even though he already knows her). Arthur, tired of his sister's whistle-blowing, wishes that they could find her doing something unsafe so they could blow the whistle on her--Brain suggests following her around to do so. Arthur agrees to this and Binky then pushes the dominoes over.

After school, Arthur and his friends spy on D.W.. Binky sees that her shoe is unbuckled, but she buckles it back up anyways. In Muffy's limo, Francine and Muffy watch the monitor screens. Muffy claims that D.W. is skipping on the sidewalk without a helmet. Francine tells her that she does it all the time. Then Muffy and Francine notice D.W. and hide. D.W. looks for a second, then keeps walking. The Brain notices that she is coming to an intersection. Arthur is hiding in a trash can and ask what's going on and the Brain says that she is heading towards them (and trips). An ice cream cone is lying on the street, which is unsafe. Arthur then tells everyone to get their whistles just in case she picks it up and eats it. When D.W. picks up the cone, she states that it could be dangerous and puts it away in the trash can. Little does she realize that Arthur is inside the trash can hiding. Afterwards, D.W. visits Mrs. Tibble. Arthur, now covered in chocolate ice cream, says that the plan is not working and says that she's the safest person in Elwood City. Francine says that thankfully she won't be at the Ratburn Rally, but Arthur is afraid about that.

He fantasizes about the race. Just before Mr. Ratburn starts the race, D.W. blows her whistle and commands to stop the race with her megaphone. She then says that the Rally is unsafe and tells everyone to remain calm and to have the fire department come to make sure the cars are safe. Afterwards, flat tires are put on with pillows and now D.W. says that they can begin the race. They move at a very slow place. Coincidentally, two snails are by Brain's car. One of the snails says, "This is my kind of race!" D.W. also tells the snails to slow down.

In reality, Arthur's friends are in shock. He reassures them by saying that D.W. won't be there. Back at home, D.W. blows the whistle because the saucepan on the stove has its handle sticking out. This prompts Dave to turn the saucepan handle inwards. Arthur's parents tell him to take D.W. to the race, but he asks why. Jane says it's because that they have to drop Kate off at Grandma Thora's house before coming to the race. Arthur suggests getting a babysitter, complaining that she'll just blow her whistle at everything. D.W. denies this, claiming that she'll only blow her whistle if she sees someone doing something unsafe. However, David and Jane both side with Arthur in that D.W. has been getting a little carried with her whistle. D.W. tries defending herself by claiming that she's just doing what Officer told her and the other preschoolers to do, but Jane explains that what Officer Safety taught them was that they should let people know when someone's about to do something that's dangerous--D.W., on the other hand, is just being a tattletale. David then finishes the discussion by saying, "Arthur, you'll bring D.W. to the race with you and D.W., you will not bother Arthur." Arthur then gives his sister a dirty look when she looks over at him.

At the race, D.W. observes the course while Muffy wonders why she's there. Francine believes she will ruin the whole race with the whistle. Arthur defends himself by explaining that his parents made him bring her to the race with him. Francine warns him that if she hears one blow from D.W.'s whistle, she'll be a sorry tattletale. D.W. believes the hill is very steep. Arthur then tells her to sit down and not to cause any distractions. D.W. then tells him that he's not the boss of her.

Mr. Ratburn then steps onto the podium and welcomes everyone to the Ratburn Rally. He tells the crowd he really likes the creativity of the cars and let the races begin. D.W., in the back of the crowd, gets angry and says that she can't see the race. She then gets an idea of climbing up a tree to get a better view. While the race is going on, she climbs higher and higher. However, she climbed too high and is swaying side to side on the branch due to the high wind. Back at the race course, a tire springs loose. D.W. thinks that's unsafe, but as she is about to blow her whistle, it falls out of her hands and lands on the ground. Frightened, D.W. yells for help. Francine notices her in the tree and gets Arthur. He tells her to hang on while Muffy gets Mr. Ratburn. D.W. is scared, but Arthur reassures her that they'll get her down and not to move. Afterwards, the fire department arrives and safely lowers D.W. to the ground. Then the firefighter gives D.W. her whistle, who ironically turns out to be Officer Safety after he tells her to be safe.

Arthur's parents arrive and ask what the commotion is about. Arthur tells them that "some girl" got stuck in tree, not specifying that it was D.W. so they're parents don't get mad/worried. David and Jane both hope that she was alright. But then D.W. admits by saying she was the girl who got stuck in the tree. She gets upset and said that she never should've climbed that high. Jane asks why she would do something dangerous like that. Arthur then admits that the situation was partly his fault, as he had told D.W. to go away and not bother him and his friends. Thankfully, they were safe and that they should know better. Afterwards, it is Arthur and the Brain's turn to race against Muffy and Francine. Before the race starts, D.W. notices Arthur's helmet strap is loose. Just as she's about to blow her whistle, she reconsiders and runs up to Arthur to tell him. Arthur thanks her for the reminder and fastens his helmet. Then Mr. Ratburn waves the green flag and the race goes on.






  • This is the first episode when D.W. learns about fire safety. Fire safety will be discussed again in "D.W. All Fired Up".
  • Mom and Dad were gonna drop Kate off at Grandma Thora's. In the scene where Mr. Ratburn says, "Will the first racers please approach the starting line?", Grandma Thora is seen in the crowd with her back to the camera. Also later on when Arthur tells D.W. they'll get her down their Dad is seen in the crowd looking worried.
  • Mom and Dad could've done two things to ensure D.W. wouldn't disturb anybody at the race:
    • Drop off D.W. with Kate at Grandma Thora's.
    • Not let D.W. bring her whistle with her.

Production Notes

  • This is the first episode to use Arthur Taking A Bath as a title card.