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"D.W. Gets Lost"
Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 24b
Original Airdate: United States November 7, 1996[1]
Canada February 6, 1997[2]
Germany January 15, 2002[3]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Kevin Currie
"Arthur's Tooth"
"D.W. Thinks Big"
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"D.W. Gets Lost" is the second half of the twenty-fourth episode in the first season of Arthur.


D.W. gets lost in a huge department store. But instead of being scared, she wreaks havoc while trying to find her way back to her mom.


We first see Nadine on a stage preparing to tell the viewers about the story of D.W., who wanted to be a grown-up girl. She describes some events, such as the time D.W. felt she was grown up enough to help her father with his cakes. He told her to only carry one at a time, but she attempted to carry a stack of them, and ended up falling and spilling the cakes. Just before Nadine warns the viewers that the story may be shocking and thrilling, D.W. enters the stage with her mother's makeup and clothes on and carries a briefcase. Nadine warns D.W. not to hurt her mother's suit, but D.W. doesn't listen and falls off the stage. Then Nadine tells the viewers, "We warned you!".

D.W. Gets Lost

Emily is showing off her new earrings to D.W., who admires them very much because of the way they sparkle. Emily tells D.W. that the earrings are made of actual stone.

Back home, Arthur takes a piece of chocolate cake from the fridge, and quickly shoves it in his mouth when he hears the door opening, thinking it's one of his parents. D.W. enters the kitchen, much to Arthur's relief. She asks him what a stone is, but Arthur stops to drink some milk, since his mouth is too full. He then says a stone is a rock, and D.W. asks him if he means a rock like the ones that are dug up in the yard. Jane walks in, and D.W. tells her that Arthur ate a whole piece of chocolate cake, before asking what a stone is; Arthur, unfortunately, coughs after drinking all that milk and eating the cake. When Jane asks why Arthur didn't just have an apple, Arthur says he was too weak from hunger to chew it, and he needed something soft. After Jane rolls her eyes, she asks what type of stone D.W. means. D.W. says she wants stones like the ones she saw in Emily's earrings. However, Jane denies D.W.'s plan.

While Jane takes out the trash, D.W. asks her why she said no because she "didn't ask anything". When D.W. questions why she can't have earrings, Jane explains that she feels D.W.'s too young to have her ears pierced and adds that earrings will turn her ears green. Later that evening, while David is preparing a salad and Jane gets the plates, D.W. says that she doesn't care if she'll have green ears. Then David picks up two lettuce pieces and puts them up against D.W.'s ears. He then says that green ears aren't her style. While Kate and D.W. are sleeping, D.W. dreams about earrings.

The next morning, D.W. has her mother's earrings glued to her hair. Jane gets surprised and asks how she got them on her ears. D.W. assures her that she did not put holes in her ears; she just glued the earrings to her hair. Jane cuts off the glued earrings, which is a painful process for D.W.. David asks D.W. what he and Jane have always told her about glue. She replies with, "Glue is for paper, not for skin, and never put it in your soup." D.W. says she just wanted to see how beautiful she looked with the earrings on. While D.W. is in her room, Nadine says to her that she warned her to not use glue. Jane comes in and makes a deal with her daughter: while shopping at the All In One Mart, she'll take D.W. to the jewelry department to look at the earrings, and if Jane decides that D.W. has to wait until she's a little older to have her ears pierced, D.W. will wait. D.W. agrees to the deal.

At the All In One Mart, the mother and daughter run into Mr. Crosswire, who needs to talk to Jane about some financial stuff. D.W. is surveying the store and then notices the earrings. She tries to get her mother's attention, but she is too busy listening to Mr. Crosswire. Nadine reminds D.W. that she has to be patient in order to be grown up. But D.W. says that Mr. Crosswire always talks for a really long time, and her mother probably wouldn't even notice that she was gone. She leaves Jane and goes running around the store. At the center of the store, D.W. notices a pig statue. The statue reminds her of Arthur due to the fact that the pig is eating chocolate cake, just like he did. Nadine and D.W. laugh about the statue, but then Nadine suggests that they should return to Jane and Mr. Crosswire. D.W. agrees with Nadine.

D.W. looks around the store, worried. Nadine then asks if they're lost, but D.W. says no and guides her one way. However, they pass the pig statue three times. D.W. climbs on top of the pig statue to survey the entire store. Then she and Nadine go to level 2 of the store to go to the security camera room. D.W. tells Nadine to watch the screens carefully because her mother could be on there. She starts pushing buttons and moving the joysticks that control the security cameras, causing them to move and create havoc in some departments. In the Sporting Goods department, the camera knocks over cans of tennis balls, and customers trip on the balls. Watching on the monitor, D.W. states how clumsy the people are in the Sporting Goods department. She then notices the earrings in the Jewelry department on one screen, while Nadine notices her mother on another screen. Then, the security camera operator comes in and tells her that she doesn't belong in there, and she runs off.

While they continue to walk around the store, Nadine tells D.W. that she should've figured out where her mother was instead of looking at the earrings. Nadine gets really worried that they'll never find Jane. D.W. then fantasizes about her parents mourning her loss while Arthur eats another piece of cake. D.W. then wonders if her mother won't even miss her and fantasizes about twenty years later, when her parents and Arthur are older. Arthur eats a piece of chocolate cake and drinks soda while Jane and David reminisce about D.W. being lost, but the house itself being peaceful. Then Nadine and D.W. get hungry and try to find some food. At a sample table, people are taking one sample of cheese at a time. Nadine and D.W. are relieved that they found the sample table, but they have trouble making their way through the people. In order for the crowd to clear, D.W. picks up a cone, uses it as a megaphone and announces to everyone that there are free desserts in aisle 12. The people run off, however, there are no more cheese samples left.

Nadine is now really worried that they will never leave All In One Mart. D.W. says that it wouldn't be so bad since there is food everywhere in the store. Then she fantasizes about being "The Phantom of the Store" by taking all the food and keeping it up in the attic, but missing her family (including Arthur). She comments on how she and Nadine are "all alone, hungry, and freezing." Nadine suggests moving away from the frozen food section so they won't be freezing. Then D.W. runs into Emily and her mom--D.W. asks if Emily's buying more earrings, but Emily explains that she's returning the ones she showed to D.W. earlier in the episode, which turned her ears green (which shocks D.W.). Nadine suggests to D.W. that she should ask Emily if she knows where Jane is--D.W. initially refuses because she thinks asking for help is for babies, but Nadine points out that grown-ups probably ask for help sometimes, too. D.W. then asks Emily if she saw Jane, and Emily explains that she and her mom saw Jane talking to Mr. Crosswire at the front of the store and gives her directions on where to go. D.W. and Nadine finally return to Jane, who was so busy talking to Mr. Crosswire that she didn't even notice that D.W. was gone. After Mr. Crosswire leaves, it turns out that D.W. was only gone for five minutes--when Jane asks if D.W.'s ready to go look at the earrings, D.W. (after seeing what happened to Emily's entire outer ears) tells her mom that she's thought it over and decided that she would rather wait until she's a little older to potentially have her ears pierced. Jane's impressed and tells D.W. that's a very grown-up decision to make, and the two go out to get some lunch. The episode finishes with a concerned-looking Emily walking by and looking behind herself (possibly lost, herself).






  • This episode ends with an iris-out.
  • A running gag in this episode is Arthur eating cake. Initially, D.W. catches Arthur shoving a whole piece of cake into his mouth. Later, while she is lost, she sees a statue of a pig eating cake, and it reminds her of Arthur. In her fantasies where she thinks about what could happen if she is never found, Arthur is always eating cake (and doesn't seem to notice that his sister is missing). D.W. also fantasies him eating cake in later episodes.
  • Some of the phrases the P.A. system in the All In One Mart says include:
    • "Welcome to the All In One Mart, the store big enough to swallow your town!"
    • "All In One Mart values all our customers. But if you break something, you bought it! Tough luck."
    • "Today's special in our sportswear department, pre-worn sneakers for lazy people."
    • "If you've lost your child, come to our lost child department, located behind the toy department, and on your way, why not buy a new toy for that poor, frightened child you lost?"
    • "Attention, smart shoppers! Free samples available all day at our water fountain!"
    • "Big sale in our book department! Books without vowels now half-price!"
    • "Who needs expensive air conditioning when Army surplus jet turbines are on sale in our wind department?"
    • "Who doesn't like the satisfying flavor of fresh, warm carbonated milk? The late-night treat that lulls you to sleep and burps you too!"
    • "Don't forget today's sale on chocolate-covered cabbage! It's the dessert that makes you go 'Bleah!'"
    • "Right now in our free sample department, everything is half-price!"
  • This is the first episode D.W.'s imaginary friend Nadine hosts.
  • The video description describes Nadine as "an aardvark girl." Although Nadine's species has never been officially confirmed, it is widely believed that she is actually a squirrel.
  • The woman who yells "It's the Phantom of the Store!" is a recolored Ms. Morgan.
  • At the end of the episode, a couple of other girls are shown with green ears, implying that the earrings turning ears green are a frequent problem.

Cultural references


  • When D.W. and Nadine say "food", D.W.'s mouth doesn't move.
  • In one scene, when "The Phantom of the Store" swoops down, she only has one earring, but in the next scene, she has two earrings.

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