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D.W. Rides Again! (book)
DW Rides Again!.png
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date October 1, 1993
Published by Scholastic
Publication Order
Preceded by
D.W. Thinks Big
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D.W. Rides Again! is a D.W. book published by Scholastic originally in 1993, written and illustrated by Marc Brown. It is about D.W. getting a new bicycle to replace her tricycle, and then learning how to ride it, first with training wheels, then without. The story inspired the television story by the same name.


D.W. is excited to get a new two-wheel bicycle but finds it takes some time and effort to ride it. She works hard and eventually graduates to riding without training wheels.

Plot summary

D.W. has just gotten a new bicycle and is excited about it. She says that she's giving her tricycle to Baby Kate then takes off, talking about how fast she can go now. She rides down a hill but crashes, asking where the brakes are.

Arthur explains that she needs to pedal backwards to brake and suggests giving her some lessons, "the sooner, the better." The next day after school, Arthur begins the lessons, instructing her first to put on her helmet. She asks when they can do tricks, but Arthur urges her to pay attention and instructs her in basic safety, such as always riding on the right side of the road, watching for holes, staying alert and using proper hand signals. D.W. tries a hand signal of her own, raising her arms and sticking her tongue out, but this only results in them being chased by a pack of dogs. Arthur says that the signal will mean that she'll be back on a tricycle if she doesn't watch out.

D.W. complains that she could go a lot faster without training wheels, pointing out a little kid who is riding without. She says that she's going to ask Dad to take them off after dinner, but D.W.'s performance without training wheels is tragic. Both Alex and Jenna cover their eyes in horror. Dad puts the training wheels back on, but says he'll move them up a little higher, as she's almost ready.

D.W. triumphant, Dad in the stream

D.W. practices hard, mastering many moves including turns and figure eights. Seeing her hard work, Mom, Dad and eventually even Arthur think that she might be ready to ride without training wheels. Dad removes them and says they'll go on a ride together to see if she's truly ready. The two go for a ride and D.W., excited, starts to show off. Dad warns her not to, shouting at her to pay attention, but doesn't pay attention himself as they approach a stream. D.W. brakes to a perfect stop, but Dad ends up in a stream with a frog on his head. D.W. asks if she can keep her training wheels off and he grumbles "Yes." She cheers and suggests that he could use them instead.


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