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D.W. The Big Boss
DW The Big Boss.jpg
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date August 3, 2005
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur's Tree House
Followed by
Good Night, D.W.

D.W. The Big Boss is a D.W. book, an 8x8 book, part of the same series as books like Good Night, D.W. The story is about D.W. acting bossy towards her family and learning not to do so.

Plot summary

One day, D.W. finds herself feeling especially bossy. She tells Mr. Read that a cake he's making needs more sugar, though he insists it has enough. She tells Mrs. Read that her office is too messy, though she likes it just fine, as she knows where everything is. When she hears Baby Kate saying "gaa gaa goo goo," she insists that it's "goo goo gaa gaa," startling Kate. Finally, that evening, as Arthur reads her a bedtime story, she insists that he's doing the voices wrong and stops him halfway through.

The next morning, D.W finds her fellow family members acting strangely. Mr. Read hasn't cooked any breakfast; when asked, he says he's afraid that he'll do it all wrong. Mrs. Read hasn't gotten dressed and can't take D.W. to her play date because she's too busy cleaning her office. Arthur will barely speak to her, claiming that he's afraid he'll use the wrong voice.

D.W. helps Mrs. Read clean her office.

D.W. decides that something needs to be done and she needs to be the one to do it. She becomes more polite, complimenting Mr. Read's cooking and asking him to try again. She offers her personal help in cleaning up Mrs. Read's office, which she happily accepts. She politely asks Arthur to read her another story when his voice is feeling better and he replies that it is. Finally, she tells Baby Kate that "It's still goo goo gaa gaa... But I know you'll get it right soon!"

Behind the scenes

  • The back of the book feature a step-by-step recipe for a "Big Boss Cake Bake" (a.k.a Quick Chocolaty Cake.) This is illustrated with a slightly comic-style picture of D.W. telling Mr. Read "Needs more sugar, Dad!"

"I know you'll get it right soon!"

  • D.W.'s bossiness towards Baby Kate and later being nice to her is reminiscent of her behavior in D.W., Go to Your Room!