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"D.W. on Ice"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 9a
Original Airdate: United States September 6, 2007[1]
Canada October 10, 2007[3]
United Kingdom January 3, 2008[2]
Written by: Raye Lankford
Storyboard by: Jean Lacombe
Robert Yap
"Buster Gets Real"
"Spoiled Rotten!"
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"D.W. on Ice" is the first half of the ninth episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


D.W. tells her friends she is a fantastic skater, but she really is not.


Arthur starts the introduction by saying "Wouldn't it be great if you only had to do something a few times to be really good at it?" He goes on pretending that he is a master golfer, fluent in French, and great at art without ever practicing. "But life just isn't like that," he says, "unless you're D.W." The scene then changes to show D.W. bossing Emily around for criticizing her artwork. "What do you mean my drawing doesn't look like a cat? It's perfect! Everything I do is perfect!" she yells.

D.W. on Ice

During recess at Elwood Community Preschool, D.W. and James are making a snowman (James is doing all the work while D.W. is telling him what to do). Emily is handing out invitations to her midwinter party that is coming up on Saturday—Emily tells D.W. and James (who each receive an invitation) that it is going to be an ice skating party. Timmy and Tommy Tibble also each get an invitation to the party, and they are excited about ice skating since they already play ice hockey. When the twins offer to teach some of their moves to D.W., she declines, claiming that she has moves of her own—D.W. claims that she has been ice skating since she was three and boasts that she is probably the best ice skater in the entire preschool. After the Tibbles leave (after smashing James and D.W.'s snowman with their sled) and Emily goes to finish handing out the rest of the invitations to her party, James laments that he will be the only kid at the party who will not be able to ice skate. Feeling bad for him, D.W. offers to give James private lessons before the party on Saturday.

Later that day, when Arthur finally gets home from school and is taking off his jacket, hat, and gloves, D.W. (sliding around on the floor without her shoes on) slams into her brother. D.W. tries scolding her brother for not being more cautious at the "ice rink," but Arthur scolds D.W. for what she is doing--he tells her that their house is not an ice rink and points out that she could get hurt if she continues sliding around the floor like that. D.W. explains to Arthur that she is going to be giving James a private ice skating lesson the next day and that she is practicing now due to being "a little rusty" when it comes to ice skating. But Arthur points out to D.W. that she has only ever gone ice skating three other times throughout her life and that after the last time that their family had gone ice skating, D.W. ate dinner standing because she felt too sore to sit down. D.W. does not see the big deal about this and claims that she is a natural when it comes to ice skating.

That night, while tucking D.W. into bed, Jane assures her that her ice skates are all prepped and ready to go for tomorrow. As she is sleeping, D.W. dreams about showing up the Tibble twins at Emily's ice skating party while defending James from them and being the best ice skater at the party.

The next day, D.W. meets James at the rink for their private lesson. However, it turns out that D.W. is not as good as she claims to be at ice skating, as she falls as soon as she enters the rink and keeps falling more and more as the "lesson" goes on, making wilder excuses as the day goes on. James turns out to be pretty good at ice skating (he at least does not fall as frequently as D.W. does). The Tibble twins soon show up and laugh at D.W.'s falls, and she calls James a terrible student, asking her mom to go back home. When D.W. enters her room, Nadine (who is painting her toenails) asks D.W. how it went. D.W. admits that it did not go well and confesses to Nadine that she is a terrible ice skater, acknowledging that she is not as good as she boasted to her classmates. Worried about what might happen at the party, Nadine gives D.W. the idea to try and convince Emily to have a different kind of party.

The next day when they are at preschool, D.W. gives Emily a brochure that shows a Mary Moo Cow-themed party. While Emily notes that it certainly seems fun, she explains to D.W. that it is too late to change anything about the party, as her mother has already booked the ice rink and everything else for it—though Emily considers having a Mary Moo Cow-themed party for her end-of-winter party. Later on, D.W. has another dream about the party, but this time, D.W. is skating terribly while everyone else is skating perfectly—D.W. keeps falling until Emily asks her to leave the party because it was only for people who knows how to ice skate, but when D.W. can not get up to leave the rink, the Tibbles show up with a crane, using it to carry D.W. back home and put her on the Reads' frozen kiddie pool, but D.W. is unable to even stand up on that ice.

On the morning of the party, D.W. tries pretending to be sick by saying the chickenpox is coming back, but Jane claims that it's impossible to get the chickenpox more than once and tries getting her eldest daughter to admit the real reason why she suddenly doesn't want to go to Emily's party -- D.W., of course, refuses. So Arthur jumps in and reveals that the reason D.W. doesn't want to go is because she finally that she's not nearly as good at ice-skating as she thought. This makes D.W. mad, but to make her feel better, Jane makes Arthur give his sister some "lessons" on ice skating. Later on, while at the ice rink, Arthur helps his sister learn some basic stuff (like stopping and starting), but when D.W. wants her brother to teach her fancier and more complicated moves, Arthur's unable to do so and basically tells D.W. that you need to learn the basics before moving on to more advanced stuff (which upsets D.W.).

Later on, during the party, D.W. is sitting by herself on a bench. When Emily skates up to her and asks her why she is not skating, D.W. fibs by claiming that she hurt her leg doing a fancy ice skating move. James soon shows up and sits on the bench next to her, saying that he will not skate because he was a terrible student. D.W. feels guilty about this and admits that he is not bad at ice skating—she only said that he was a terrible student because she was jealous of the fact that he was doing better than she was. When D.W. and James look out at their classmates and see that none of the other students (including Emily and the Tibble twins) are skating as well as they thought they would, James offers to skate with D.W., so at least she will not look as silly falling as she would if she were by herself. D.W. accepts this and the pair finally join their classmates.







  • Moral: Even if you're not good at something, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. For all you know, your peers might not be any better at it.
  • In this episode D.W. claims that she could not skate, yet in the opening of "Buster's Special Delivery," she is seen to be a better skater than Arthur. Though considering that was just the opening, it could be seen as non-canon.
  • D.W. does not wear a helmet while skating, and neither do her friends. They should have all been wearing helmets while skating on ice, because if they did not, they could have easily gotten injured (or, in worse case scenarios, killed) from falling down so much, which is what helmets are made to prevent. They also prevent the kids from hitting their heads on the ice if they ever fall down backwards.

Episode connections[]

  • A reference to "Arthur's Chicken Pox" is made when D.W. tries faking being sick by initially claiming she has the chickenpox, to which Jane points out that you only get it once throughout your life.
    • It is actually possible to get chickenpox more than once, but this is extremely rare.


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