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D.W. the Artist
D.W. the Artist Cover.jpg
Author Marc Brown and Lisa Ann Marsoli
Illustrator Judith Neslon and Chris Moroney
Publication date August 3, 2005
Published by Mattel Inc.
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D.W. the Artist is a D.W. series book released for Fisher Price's PowerTouch Learning System. It features an original D.W. story as well as a number of interactive elements to be used in association with the PowerTouch.


When D.W. discovers Grandma Thora's art scrapbook, she learns that Thora made art from things found around the house. Inspired, D.W. sets up her own art studio. Though she struggles at first, her artwork soon catches the attention of both Muffy and Millicent Crosswire. D.W.'s artwork is soon put on display in a gallery and even attracts the attention of collectors, though nobody likes it more than Pal.