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D.W. The Picky Eater
D.W. The picky eater game.jpg
Game Information
Game type Living Books
Main character(s) Arthur
Jane Read
David Read
Release Date 1998
Platform CD-Rom

D.W. the Picky Eater is a video game by Living Books. This was the eighteenth and last Living Book game ever released. Then, it was later re-titled "Arthur's Adventures with D.W." in 2000. Due to the lack of Broderbund's involvement and low production values, it is unlikely to be re-released by Wanderful.


  • This is the only Living Books game that dropped "Read to Me" as an option.
  • This is the only Living Books game that also allows the player to skip out reading by clicking to skip.
  • Like Ruff's Bone, Green Eggs and Ham, and Arthur's Computer Adventure, this game also has its own original credits (displaying a picture from one page of the book) and does not use any jazz credits animations.
  • Some versions of the game came with a D.W. wallet.