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"Dancing Fools"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 6b
Original Airdate: United States September 3, 2007[1]
Canada October 3, 2007[3]
United Kingdom December 18, 2007[2]
Written by: Cusi Cram
Storyboard by: Stéphanie Gignac
Nick Vallinakis
"The Making of Arthur"
"Hic or Treat"
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"Dancing Fools" is the second half of the sixth episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


Mrs. Molina's dance class makes for odd dance pairings.


At the start of the episode, we see Arthur and his family attending the Elwood City dance competition. Arthur narrates that two people can do things better than one can. Backstage, we see two figures preparing to go onstage. The two walk onstage and are revealed to be Francine and George. They smile at the crowd.

Dancing Fools

Several months earlier, Francine is attending school when Muffy walks up and declares that she has signed both of them up for dance class. Francine does not want to go at first but Muffy says she owes her, plus she will get them hockey tickets. Francine agrees. After school, they visit the dance class where they are split up in pairs. Muffy gets Otis, while Francine gets George. D.W., in the background, tries to dance with the Tibble Twins, but they keep stepping on her toes. Francine and George start to get better while Muffy and Otis get worse.

The next day at school, Arthur mentions that D.W. told him that she saw Francine and George in class. George shyly runs away while Buster begins to tease Francine. Francine threatens him until she is distracted by Muffy who says they will be returning to dance class that day. In the playground, Binky asks George what he has learned in dance class, but George suggests that Binky join the class himself. Later at dance class, Muffy pairs up with George but he is horrible with Muffy. Meanwhile, Francine is paired up with the newly joined Binky, who refuses to cooperate. Francine and George eventually get paired up again, and soon become the best of their class.

Weeks later, Mrs. Molina announces that the annual Fred and Ginger dance awards are coming up and she chooses George and Francine over Binky and Muffy to represent the school. Muffy runs outside crying. Binky talks to her and they discuss how much they are jealous of George and Francine. They soon decide that George and Francine can not participate in the contest and scheme to break up the couple.

The next day, Binky lures George into a dark alley where he tries to annoy George, with no results. At the same time, Muffy gives Francine hockey tickets that are for the night of the competition, hoping it will cause George and Francine to cancel. George and Francine turn down the tickets, and continue to practice. For two weeks, Muffy and Binky try to get them to drop out, with no luck.

Finally, the night of the Fred and Ginger awards arrives. Binky and Muffy attend the competition so they can heckle the couple. We once again see George and Francine walk onto stage and smile to the crowd. They start to dance gracefully, shocking Muffy and Binky. Francine and George stumble, costing them some points, but finish perfectly. The award, however, is given to another couple and George and Francine get second place medals.

Muffy and Binky apologize, and Muffy says she has signed Francine up for fashion class. Francine shouts as Muffy is driven off, but her frown soon turns into a smile.






  • George claims that the second place was the first time he ever won anything, despite the running gag of him winning every competition he enters.
  • When Francine says she can not go to the hockey game, Muffy tells her she will have to take Jenna, despite her hating hockey.
  • This episode and "The Making of Arthur" premiered the same day as PBS Kids' three original series Super Why!, WordWorld and WordGirl.
  • This episode takes place between the months November and December.

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  • At the start of the episode, Arthur and his family are attending the Fred and Ginger Awards, but later, they are not seen in the audience. (They are, however, seen exiting the auditorium).
  • After the duo win second place, George says that he's never won anything before. However, in "To Beat or Not to Beat," he always wins the talent show just by hopping on a pogo stick and he wins many other awards.
    • It is possible this episode predates those occasions.
  • Tommy Tibble and Timmy Tibble are seen in the dance class as tall as Francine.

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