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Daniel Brochu

Daniel Brochu, also credited as Danny Brochu, (born February 28, 1970)[1] is a Canadian voice actor in the children's television program Arthur. He has provided the voice of Buster Baxter since Season 1 and provided the voice of Captain Kamble in "Blockheads." He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Like Melissa Altro, Jodie Resther and Bruce Dinsmore, Brochu stayed the voice as Buster Baxter all the way towards the end of the series in 2022.





  • Like his character, Buster Baxter, he grew up in a single parent family and has asthma.
  • Brochu got the role of Buster when he was checking the mail. One of the casting directors asked if he could do young boys’ voices and invited Brochu to record at his house. Brochu got the role without any callbacks.
  • In 1997, he decided to take a sabbatical to Australia. Buster was briefly written out of the second season, with the explanation being he had gone traveling with his pilot father. This eventually led to the creation of Postcards from Buster. Brochu was impressed that the production was loyal enough to him that they not only worked a storyline around his location but also had him record his lines from Australia.[2] The producers decided to keep the storyline when Brochu returned from Australia.
  • He worked as a postman before becoming a voice actor.
  • Brochu is married to Canadian actress Sara Bradeen. The couple also have two kids.
  • Brochu was on a film shoot in 2021 or 2022 when his costars discovered that he was the voice of Buster. He described their excited reactions as making him feel akin to having been on Sesame Street.[2]
  • In 1999, he starred in Denzel Washington’s thriller The Bone Collector, as an NYU student.
  • Brochu provided lead vocals for the "All in a Day" music video in the preschool television series Caillou.
  • The only celebrity guest Brochu got to directly work with was Fred Rogers: most celebrity guests on Arthur recorded their vocals at a studio local to them in the U.S., which meant Brochu was not even expecting to meet him during production on "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers" until he ran into him in the elevator at the recording studios in Montreal. Brochu recorded the episode with Rogers and Michael Yarmush (the voice of Arthur) directly.[3]