Daniel Lapp
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Light brown
Residence Lapp family farm
Family Mrs. Lapp (mother)
Cartoon debut "Buster's Amish Mismatch"
Voiced by Shayne Halfyard

Daniel Lapp is an Amish boy who appeared in "Buster's Amish Mismatch."


Mr. Ratburn's class visited his family's farm, and he was very generous to Buster. He let him mix butter along with letting him try apple butter made by his Amish family, although unintentionally getting Buster in trouble. He taught Buster about the Amish way of life and gives him his wide-brimmed Amish hat at the end of the field trip. This inspired Buster to become Amish himself, and despite his efforts, Buster failed to successfully complete his inspiration. 


  • His character model was reused in "Phony Fern".
  • His surname could be from the word lapin which means rabbit in French. Lapp is also a German surname that is common among the Amish and Mennonites in the United States.
  • He accidentally got Buster in trouble by letting him taste apple butter, which upset Mr. Ratburn.




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