Dark Bunny
Dark Bunny
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Blond
Residence Dark Bunny building, Dark City
Family Mrs. Bunny (mother)
Bionic Bunny (twin brother)
Job Superhero
Cartoon debut "Buster's Best Behavior"
Voiced by Bruce Dinsmore (s18)
In the rain-drenched streets of Dark City where the sun never rises, only one person stands between crime and humanity...

—Narrator, "The Last of Mary Moo Cow"

Dark Bunny (real name Deuce Dwayne) is a superhero who stars in an animated television series.


Although first said to be cousins,[1] it is later revealed that he and Bionic Bunny are actually twin brothers. When Bionic Bunny and Dark Bunny were born, the two were separated at birth.[2] Dark Bunny was stolen by an evil witch, and Bionic Bunny was taken in by a giant robot.

Although the Dark Bunny show did not start until "That's a Baby Show!," the episode "Double Dare" reveals that the superhero poster in the Tree House (which has been there since Season 1) is of Dark Bunny.


Cultural references

  • He is a parody of the DC Comics superhero, Batman, similar to his brother being a parody of Superman. Additionally, Dark City is a parody of Batman's hometown of Gotham City. Likewise, some of the members of his rogues gallery resemble those of Batman's. it`s possible the show itself is a parody of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • In some episodes, he is said to be evil, although in others, he is good.
  • His civilian identity, Deuce Dwayne, is a parody of Batman's true identity, Bruce Wayne.




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