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Dark Bunny
Dark Bunny
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Blond
Residence Dark Bunny building, Dark City
Family Mrs. Bunny (mother)
Bionic Bunny (twin brother) (Cousin in That's a Baby Show!)
Job Superhero
Cartoon debut "Buster's Best Behavior"
Voiced by Bruce Dinsmore (s18)
In the rain-drenched streets of Dark City where the sun never rises, only one person stands between crime and humanity...

—Narrator, "The Last of Mary Moo Cow"

Dark Bunny is a superhero who stars in an animated television series.


Dark Bunny lives in Futuropolis under the name Deuce Dwayne (though his name is also stated to be "Sue"[1]).

Dark Bunny is originally said to be Bionic Bunny's cousin[2], though another episode claims that they are actually twin brothers who were separated at birth.[3] Dark Bunny was stolen by an evil witch, and Bionic Bunny was taken in by a giant robot.

According to "Arthur Read: Super Saver", Dark Bunny has a sidekick named Carrot Kid, though he is only ever seen as an action figure.

Although the Dark Bunny show did not start until "That's a Baby Show!," the episode "Double Dare" reveals that the superhero poster in the tree house (which has been there since Season 1) is of Dark Bunny.


Known episodes / movies[]


  • Action figures of Dark Bunny are seen in several episodes.


  • In "Hic or Treat", he is said to be evil, although in other episodes, he is good. At least he fights villains.
  • In “That’s A Baby Show”, it is mentioned that Dark Bunny is Bionic Bunny’s cousin. Although, in the season 10 opener “Happy Anniversary”, it is revealed that Dark Bunny & Bionic Bunny are brothers who were switched at birth, so their true relations are unknown

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