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Dark Bunny Needs Your Help is a game on the PBS Kids website. It was released in May 2019.[1]


Game Dark Bunny 01.jpg

The player controls a glider flown by Dark Bunny or Sue Ellen. The glider continually shoots a beam with a range of about one third of the screen. The glider must avoid some objects and collect or destroy others for bonus points.

There are eight levels. In some levels the player has to collect ten containers or free ten people or pets. After collecting or freeing half, Dark Bunny and Sue Ellen will trade places. In other levels one character is caught in a bubble trap and the the other character has to prevent him getting hit.


Containers:     collect ten to win the level

Trapped People and pets:     either shoot or fly into them; collect ten to win the level

Stars:       collect them for 100 Points each

Bad Energy Bubbles:     destroy them with your beam for 200 Points; hitting them costs a life

Insect Swarms:     cannot be destroyed; hitting them costs a life



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