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Dark Bunny six curse of the Moomie screenshot

A screenshot from the game

Curse of the Moomies is a series of video games which are based on an old black-and white movie called The Curse of the Moomies which featured cow mummies and an archaeologist. The games are set in Old Egyptian tombs and require the player to fight cow mummies and various kinds of zombies. Some of the games were merged with the Dark Bunny franchise and feature Dark Bunny as a playable character, while other games have explorers as the main character.

In "Crushed", Arthur bonds with his babysitter Sally MacGill since they both like playing Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy. They try their best, but cannot beat the main boss, high priestess Nocaloreeti, the mommy of all moomies. Sally also plays the game with D.W., who remarks that she isn't too fond of the game as the cows do not sing. She does, however, like the way Dark Bunny jumps, despite normally being scared of the Dark Bunny show. Buster mentions that he also likes playing the game.

In "Arthur Sells Out", Arthur sells old toys to buy a game called Dark Bunny: Revenge of the Moomies, because Dark Bunny features heavily in the advertising. It turns out that the main character is an unnamed explorer and the game is of overall poor quality. Nocaloreeti is mentioned to be the boss again.

In "The Friend Who Wasn't There", Arthur prepares to play Curse of the Moomy 3. The game is not seen, but the playable characters are said to be Illinois Jack and Penny Pithhelmet.

In "Besties" Buster mentions having a Curse of the Moomies game that Arthur might want to borrow.

In "Arthur and the Whole Truth", Arthur has downloaded a new level, but Buster thinks that the game has become too repetitive.

In "Arthur and the Haunted Tree House", Arthur and his friends watch the movie that the games are based on.

In "Binky's 'A' Game", Binky plays a Curse of the Moomies game.

In "Citizen Cheikh", Arthur plays a Curse of the Moomies game and enters the tomb of King Moosiris.

Arthur and Buster play the game in the Postcards from Buster episode "Buster's Egyptian Adventure".